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Zac Track, Episodes 10 & 11: The YCP Watch Party (and a Special Guest!)

December 16, 2020
A red rose on a white backdrop and the words Zac Track: From York College of Pennsylvania to the Bachelorette Season 16

Between the Men Tell All and “hometowns,” ABC had no shortage of drama for this week on The Bachelorette. Adding to the excitement, the Zac Track blog went LIVE on Monday and Tuesday nights with our new Zac Track Slack. Alums and current students alike were able to geek together during the show. Even Zac himself stopped by in the chat for a little bit! 

But if you missed this week, don’t worry—we will be live again next Monday and Tuesday for the two-part finale. In the meantime, let’s focus on what went down this week. 

The Monday night episode started with a one-on-one date with Blake. And really, all you need to know about it is that it was AWKWARD. They did some yoga, talked about some chakras, but they certainly didn’t seem to be vibing. Blake was “all in” as the Bachelor franchise likes to say. Tayshia, however, was not. 

She ended up sending him home, crying on the sidewalk, and returned back to the mansion. The men knew Blake had left because the producers’ mystery hands had reached behind the door to grab the already-packed suitcase. 

Back at the resort, Tayshia talked to the rest of the guys about the date (as Zac looked on lovingly, of course). With her tears barely dry from Blake, the next dreaded question came to Riley: “Can we go talk?” She then sent him home, as well. Chris Harrison, please give our girl a break! 


BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Bennett made a triumphant return. Actually, it wasn’t triumphant at all. It was just a regular return. But Zac was NOT ready to play Bennett’s games. The only thing standing between Tayshia and Zac’s family is Bennett. 

At the Rose Ceremony, Bennett and Noah both left without roses, leaving Brendan, Ben, Ivan, and of course, ZAC for hometowns. IT’S TIME TO MEET THE CLARKS! 

The second half of Monday’s episode was the infamous Men Tell All event. Because Zac got a rose, he was not there for the petty fireworks, but some highlights included Yosef’s defensive behavior, the continued brawl between Bennett and EVERYONE, and of course, some of Chris Harrison’s favorite unseen moments from the season, including Zac dancing in some yellow shorts. 

Zac popped into the Slack chat at that point and shared a little bit about his journey, mentioning that Ed was his roommate at La Quinta Resort. He even geeked with some fellow Eagles fans!


Tuesday night’s episode started with Brendan’s hometown visit with his brother and sister-in-law. Because of the pandemic, they weren’t able to bring Tayshia to their hometowns, so instead, they brought the hometowns to her. 

During his date, Zac gave her the ultimate New York experience. They ate bagels, they hailed taxis, and they chilled in a fountain. It couldn’t get more New York unless Elmo was asking for money to take a picture. 

When the time came to meet the family, Zac’s parents were THRILLED to talk to him about Tayshia and to talk to Tayshia about Zac. His dad mentioned that it had been a while since he had seen Zac smile so big. Zac revealed to his mom that he was ready to settle down and start his own family. EEEK! 

The date could not have gone better. Way to go, Zac! You continue to make us proud, even in episode 11! The rest of the date included seeing Ivan and Ben’s families and then a Rose Ceremony. Ben’s was the only one with a little bit of drama, as he couldn’t quite put words to how he was feeling about her. As a result, he did not receive a rose. 

BUT it opens the door for one more week for Zac! We can’t wait to see how the finale episodes work out. Who can believe that a Spartan is in the final three! 

YCP is behind you, Zac! Go get your girl! And readers, if you haven’t already, go join the Zac Track Slack — you never know who might pop in.

About the Author

Sophie Barnes - Black and White Headshot

Sophie Barnes is a current junior at YCP, studying English with minors in marketing and French. She is also the Alumni Relations Marketing and Communications Intern and has been involved in the alumni office in a variety of ways through her time at York through the Spartanation Road Crew program and the Student Alumni Council. 

Sophie is a fan of all things Bachelor Nation, especially Bachelor in Paradise. When she’s not in class or watching the Bachelor, Sophie enjoys reading, watching movies, or spending time with her parents, brother, and friends.