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Zac Track, Episode 9: The One that Nearly Broke Sophie

December 09, 2020
A red rose on a white backdrop and the words Zac Track: From York College of Pennsylvania to the Bachelorette Season 16

“‘kay” - Tayshia Adams, 2020

Hey, Spartans. It’s your favorite red-headed intern, back again with a recap for episode 9 of The Bachelorette. 

It is hard to  believe that we are already on episode 9! Time flies when you go through two different bachelorettes, I guess. Last night’s episode started out with a WHOPPING 23 minutes devoted to the drama of Bennett and Noah. 

What was Zac Clark ‘06 doing during that time? This week, I assume he was working on his DIY Bachelorette Bingo card with the boys. He had just filled out the space for “dramatic send-off mid-date,” “the phrase ‘show up,’” and “random singer on a one-on-one date.” 

The only upside to this whole catastrophe was watching Noah throw back an entire container of Tic Tacs after Bennett was sent home. Tic Tacs aren’t going to help your situation, buddy. 


After the drama was over, Tayshia returned to the cocktail party and Zac was one of the first men that she met with. He gave her a framed picture of the two of them from their one-on-one date (remember? The one where they did fake wedding pictures? Yeah, that one!). Of course, she gushed, and Zac responded, “I’m such a cheeseball”. 

During the rose ceremony, Zac got to continue working on his Bingo board, since he had already received a rose after their one-on-one date last week. 

Ben got a one-on-one date, which meant Zac could have some guy time back at the resort. Now, for those who aren’t familiar with the Bachelor franchise: after 3 more guys are eliminated (leaving 4 in the running), we have “hometown dates.” It is exactly what it sounds like; the bachelorette has a chance to meet the families and visit the hometowns of the men still vying for her heart. 

When discussing the idea of introducing Tayshia to his family, Zac got quite emotional. Through tears, he talked about how his parents have alway wanted to just see him happy, and he feels he finally has that with Tayshia. “It’s a lot to take in”, he said. “When you bring family into it, it just starts to change the whole ball game.” (Zac is a fan of the baseball analogies.)


On the way to the group date, Zac said he was up for the challenge, but that was before he knew what the date actually was. It consisted of hooking the guys up to a polygraph machine and asking them questions. Ah yes, my favorite activity to do with someone I’m crushing on! 

A major theme from this episode was the beginning of using the L word, the one with a capital L. No, not Los Angeles, I mean LOVE. For his part, Zac was asked if he could see himself falling in love with Tayshia, to which he responded, “I think I may already have.”

Then came disaster. It was at this point that I thought about quitting my internship, withdrawing from York College, and never writing for the Zac Track again. “How could I ever spin this?” I asked myself—as Zac was asked if he has ever cheated, and he answered: “Yes.” 

Zac. You weren’t supposed to do this. You were supposed to be the good guy!

However, like the flow of the Codorus Creek over a flooded Penn and Beard parking lot, taking innocent commuter cars with it, I was washed over by a sense of relief that made it possible to write this blog. When Zac explained the dramatic story to Tayshia, he clarified that he was deeply in love with his first girlfriend. However, he met another girl. He met up with her at a Bowl-a-Rama and french-kissed her while he was still with his first girlfriend. And then the bombshell: this happened in SIXTH GRADE. 

It’s okay, Zac. We have all done things in sixth grade that come back to haunt us. For me, it was a haircut that involved cutting my own bangs. 


“You really scared me!” Tayshia said. Yeah, you and the rest of America, girlfriend!

Then Zac finally admitted, one-on-one, that he was falling in love with her—and Tayshia said she was, too. Cue the fireworks, cue the doves. IT’S HAPPENING! 

Bennett came back, guns blazing with his own “I love you’s,” so we didn’t get a rose ceremony. Only time will tell what fate awaits Zac!

About the Author

Sophie Barnes - Black and White Headshot

Sophie Barnes is a current junior at YCP, studying English with minors in marketing and French. She is also the Alumni Relations Marketing and Communications Intern and has been involved in the alumni office in a variety of ways through her time at York through the Spartanation Road Crew program and the Student Alumni Council. 

Sophie is a fan of all things Bachelor Nation, especially Bachelor in Paradise. When she’s not in class or watching the Bachelor, Sophie enjoys reading, watching movies, or spending time with her parents, brother, and friends.