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Zac Track, Episode 6: The Grown Man Challenge

November 18, 2020
A red rose on a white backdrop and the words Zac Track: From York College of Pennsylvania to the Bachelorette Season 16

Can I get a Bachelorette spirit check?! 

No? Alright, it’s cool. It’s Sophie Barnes, here again to report on the happenings of Zac Clark ‘06 on his journey to find love with the one and only Tayshia Adams. After Clare left with Dale last week and Tayshia was brought in, the stakes were raised. New men entered the house, dynamics changed, and one guy even left! 

But no worries — our Zac can play nice with anyone, unlike some of the other men. For this week’s episode, Zac didn’t have a date opportunity, but it’s okay. He needed some time to decide which side his rose looks better on, anyway. Decisions, decisions. 

This week’s episode started with a “grown man challenge” group date (what a mouthful!). Though Zac wasn’t on this date, let the record show that, if he had been there, his YCP education would have prepared him well for the academic portion, Spartan baseball would have prepared him for the physical challenges — and come on, it’s Zac C.! He would have been ready! 

Of course, even though it was a grown man challenge, it turned into some childish drama which bled into the rose ceremony. Arguments ensued, and Zac got a front-row view from his seat right between the aggressors. (There was no shortage of side-eye.) Rather than join the chaos, Zac went into mediator mode and tried to calm both parties, saying “Let’s just party!” 

Yes, Zac, let’s. Our man wants peace; what can we say? 


And did I mention that, for the rose ceremony, Zac’s was the FIRST rose handed out?! His time with Tayshia involved a good conversation, complete with giggles and maybe even a kiss...but I won’t confirm or deny. 

The next group date of the episode brought us yet another activity that production surely knew would bring the men together for peaceful bonding time: wrestling. 

Zac wasn’t included in this group date again, but he did go along to watch with the rest of the guys. As a spectator, his main goal seemed to be keeping the fence around the ring upright. And let me just say that he was the best keeper-upper of fences I have ever seen in my entire life. YCP taught him well on supporting fences. 

Of course, drama ensued among the other guys, with a cocktail party including chronically-dislocating shoulders, the shaving of mustaches (take notes on her preference for facial hair, Zac), and fence-hopping (a clear trend in Bachelor Nation). 

Because Zac appears to have spent a good amount of time back at the house for this episode, I took the liberty of putting together a list of possible things he may have been doing while not in front of the cameras:

  • Planning a trip back to YCP
  • Deciding how to accept his next rose
  • Yoga
  • Mentoring the other guys
  • Modeling his rose in the mirror
  • Knitting a sweater made of boyfriend material
  • Studying jiu-jitsu for the next inevitable physical group date
  • Praying to the one-on-one date gods
  • Practicing reaction and GIF faces for next week
  • Reevaluating all facial hair decisions

Well, thanks for joining me for this week’s rendition of Zac Track! Check back next week to see how Zac’s off-camera prepping pays off!

About the Author

Sophie Barnes - Black and White Headshot

Sophie Barnes is a current junior at YCP, studying English with minors in marketing and French. She is also the Alumni Relations Marketing and Communications Intern and has been involved in the alumni office in a variety of ways through her time at York through the Spartanation Road Crew program and the Student Alumni Council. 

Sophie is a fan of all things Bachelor Nation, especially Bachelor in Paradise. When she’s not in class or watching the Bachelor, Sophie enjoys reading, watching movies, or spending time with her parents, brother, and friends.