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Zac Track, Episode 5: All Bets Are Off

November 11, 2020
A red rose on a white backdrop and the words Zac Track: From York College of Pennsylvania to the Bachelorette Season 16

What a season. Fifth episode, second Bachelorette. Let’s do a quick recap for our guy Zac C. on his journey for love so far...

#TeamClarky Count

Group dates: 3
1:1 Face time with Tayshia: Twice
1:1 dates: None (yet)
Roses: 2
Remaining contestants: 19

You know that moment when you show up for a date with someone you met on the internet and their picture doesn’t match their profile? This season of The Bachelorette is that for the contestants, but the opposite. 

To say that the majority of men were thrilled at the change in bachelorette would be an understatement. In the words of Zac C., incoming lead Tayshia Adams is a “breath of fresh air.” Though these men initially all started out vying for the heart of Clare Crawley, many of them were more than happy with the change. I think the word “pumped” was tossed around pretty frequently.


While Clare’s 16 remaining men are quality—Tayshia deserves her own limousine full of suitors! To round off the group to an even 20, four new contestants arrived on the scene to shake things up. This surprise arrival was greeted with much less enthusiasm in the house than Tayshia’s entrance, to say the least.

For once, we enjoyed a cocktail party without the mention or interruption of Dale. Though, it seems Spencer has taken on some of that heat pretty quickly, especially after earning the first impression rose. There was a void to be filled and the men have found the place to focus their negative energy. 

"To New Beginnings!"

In happier news, Zac C. had LOTS of screen time in this episode, starting with his first conversation with Tayshia where they celebrated “new beginnings” by making a wish in the fountain with a coin toss. They promised to tell each other the wishes they made one day, after this is all over—and sealed it with a pinky promise. V CUTE. 

There was no rose ceremony following the cocktail party, because Tayshia is about ALL of these guys (in stark contrast to her predecessor who only had eyes for one man). The next day, there’s the ubiquitous pool party and another round of scantily clad men competing for more time with Tayshia. After crushing the competition, Zac’s team—ahem—the blue team took the victory. 


That evening, during the group date, Zac C. and Tayshia continued to build on their strong foundation, each wondering how the other could possibly still be single. SAME, THOUGH. All I can say is, thank goodness they are because it brought us this light in the darkness that is 2020. And judging from their kiss during that date, I don’t think this light is going out anytime soon.

Drama in the House

Meanwhile, the group of dudes are stirring up the drama with Spencer, calling him out for his attitude. Even Zac, who continues to show us he is a very level-headed and compassionate person, jumped in and accused Spencer of lying about how he’s treated others.

But we won’t let that drama overshadow the fact that Zac came THIS close to getting the group date rose. While almost isn’t a win, we’re in this for the long game and there are still plenty of roses to be given out. 

When he’s not crushin’ on Tayshia, Zac is out here comforting his fellow dudes in the house. Jason expresses to the guys that he’s going to leave voluntarily because he still has feelings for Clare and doesn’t want to disrespect Tayshia’s time nor his fellow contestants’ time. “You are such a stronger man walking out of here than when you walked in here,” Zac tells him, Our Spartan is showing up not only as a frontrunner for Tayshia but a fan favorite in the house. We love to see it! 

Tayshia closes out the episode with a one-on-one with Brendan. After a quick comment about how she could easily go home with this man, ABC producers immediately began to panic. 


But don’t worry, it doesn’t look like we have another Cale (or is Dare a better couple name?) situation on our hands. Phew.

No rose ceremony tonight, but we left with peace of mind knowing that our girl Tayshia is already feeling our guy Zac. I also heard there was some Clale/Dare interview somewhere in that episode, but, personally, HARD PASS. 

Zac, I think it’s safe to say, on behalf of all Spartans, WE LOVE THIS JOURNEY FOR YOU. 

Until next time… 


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