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Learning Habits of Great Teachers

July 01, 2020

Every teacher wants to make an impact with their students. While there are many ways great teachers achieve this, there are some habits they nearly all share.  The best teachers present information to students in ways that maximize their understanding, yet also listen to their students and let them influence the shape of their own learning. They challenge students, yet build the support they need to thrive. They optimize learning for their students, yet remain flexible in meeting their needs. Teachers who possess these habits maximize their impact on their students. 

Lifelong Learning 

One sometimes overlooked habit shared by great teachers is a drive to model lifelong learning. To be great, teachers need to continue to challenge themselves by continuing their education. This can be achieved in a self-directed way through professional reading, or in more formal ways like earning a graduate degree. Great teachers demonstrate their commitment to education by continually renewing their practice as graduate students. 

Benefits of Earning a Degree 

Earning a graduate degree earns many benefits for teachers and their students. For example, teachers who possess their graduate degree can reduce student absences and can unlock new career opportunities for themselves. In addition educators who earn advanced degrees can expect higher compensation than their peers. 

Options for Teachers 

Today’s teachers can select from many different types of graduate programs. While some teachers choose degrees that allow them to become school principals or specialists, most teachers seek to earn a degree that helps them thrive in the classroom. While these degrees have many titles, they are most often termed “Curriculum and Instruction” degrees. These programs center on enhancing teacher practice. 

A Program for Today’s Classroom Realities 

Technology is ubiquitous in education.  Emerging tools, trends, and global events make this reality truer every day. Many teachers seek to enhance their technology and design skills as a part of their graduate programs. For teachers like this, graduate programs like York College of Pennsylvania’s Learning Design and Innovation, M.Ed. hold significant appeal. The Learning Design and Innovation program at York College helps teachers build their technology skills while exploring a variety of trends and issues that affect today’s classrooms. Students in this program have the added flexibility of completing it online. 

Become a GREAT Teacher 

Are you ready to take your next steps toward becoming a great teacher? Consider the Learning Design and Innovation program at York College of Pennsylvania.