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Campus Safety Sends Body Armor to Ukraine

April 01, 2022
Ukraine Vests
Director Ed Bruder (left), Lieutenant Tim Langletz (right), Campus Safety Police

Written by: Breanna Hoffner '22

York College of Pennsylvania’s Department of Campus Safety is joining support efforts for Ukraine. The department is donating 8 pre-worn pieces of body armor to the FBI National Academy Class.

The FBI National Academy is a leadership training program for senior law enforcement officials from around the country. They also accept international law enforcement leaders into the program.

“There is a police official from Ukraine who is part of the current National Academy Class. His classmates began the initiative to collect body armor for Ukraine soldiers, police officers, and civilians as a show of support for their classmate” said Ed Bruder, York College’s Director of Campus Safety. 

The partnership was set up through a law enforcement training company according to Bruder. The company sent out the initiative’s information to departments that work in congruence with the FBI National Academy.

Departments nationally are donating different body armor, helmets, and other gear.

As for York College’s donation, 8 vests will be donated to the cause. These pieces of armor have reached the end of their useful life within the department, and have passed the date given under the manufacturer’s warranty.

“They just sit in the closet, and we do not use them unless a new officer is waiting for their equipment.” said Bruder, who stated the vests would be destroyed after about 10 years in the closet. He believes it is better to have them go to the military, police, and civilians in Ukraine who need them.

The vests will be sent to the Phoenix Police Department who will then ship them to Poland. Arrangements will then be made to get them to Ukraine.

“This is the first time we are donating such items. It is a great thing,” said Bruder.

Donating to Ukraine has sparked the idea for the department to donate equipment in the future. Although it is not something anyone wants, Bruder recognizes that real-world tragedies and events happen, and that if donations can help in any way the department is interested in continuing their efforts in the future.