The Ice Hockey Club at the Involvement Fair.

Get involved through club sports at YCP.

Want to keep playing sports now that you’re in college, but don’t want the time demands of a varsity sports team? Check out club sports at York College!

Whether you play a mainstream sport such as baseball or lacrosse or have a unique passion for a sport such as Mixed Martial Arts or indoor climbing, club sports can scratch your competitive itch or expose you to something you've always wanted to try. We offer strong competition against other clubs and colleges, the thrill of playing sports, and the fun of being part of a team.

Club sports are student-run organizations and usually practice 2-5 times a week, depending on competition level. New to a sport? You’re invited, too! We don’t require prior experience. Students are also able to organize a new club if there’s a strong interest in something we don’t offer yet!

Information About Club Sports

Don't see a sport that interests you? Start your own!

What is a club sport?

A club sport is a student organization, recognized by Student Senate, Athletics & Recreation and the Office of Student Activities and Orientation, based on a specific sport. All club sport teams are student-run and therefore members are responsible for administering and organizing all club activities within the guidelines of York College policies. This provides students with an opportunity to be involved in new activities, while also developing and improving a variety of skills (leadership, teamwork, time management, etc); thus enhancing the overall York College experience.

Who is eligible to participate in a club sport?

All full-time York College students are eligible to participate on a club sports team. Part-time students may participate, but are required to pay the Student Activity Fee each semester. Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA (checked each semester) in order to remain an active member of a club sports team. All members must also complete the Liability Release PRIOR to participating in any club activity. Along with these York College guidelines, participants must also meet eligibility guidelines for any governing bodies (conference, league, etc).

What is the level of competition for club sports?

The level of competition varies from team to team. Some clubs are more competitive and practice 3-5 times a week, while other clubs may practice 2-3 times a week. This being said, if a club receives funding from Student Senate, they cannot hold tryouts and/or make cuts, so everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate and try a new sport!

Do I need to have prior experience in order to participate?

No, prior experience is not required in order to participate. All students are encouraged to attend a practice to see if they are interested in further participation. You will learn the rules of the new sport as you continue to practice with the club.

The following list includes all currently active club sports at York College. Club presidents may be contacted for additional information.

Questions about club sports?
Contact Jamie Starrett, Assistant Director - Campus Recreation, Competitive Sports (

In order to become a recognized club sport, the following criteria must be met:

  • Meet requirements of a student organization as defined by Student Senate and the Office of Student Activities and Orientation
  • Meet the definition of a club sport - a student organization that is physical and active in nature
  • Must not duplicate an existing club
  • Meet with Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Competitive Sports to discuss plans for becoming a recognized club
  • Have an advisor (York College faculty, staff or administrator)
  • Complete a New Club Request Form and submit it to the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Competitive Sports
  • Upon approval from Athletics & Recreation, the prospective club may appear before Student Senate to request provisional status and funding

Athletics & Recreation, along with the Office of Student Activities and Orientation, is available to help prospective clubs through this process. Club activity may not occur until all the above steps have been completed and the club has received all the required approvals.

The criteria which will be used to decide whether a club should gain active status includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Student interest
  • Facility space
  • Other similar opportunities on campus
  • Financial obligations
  • Opportunities to compete against other outside clubs and/or organizations

For more information, please contact Jamie Starrett, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Competitive Sports (

Find the most up-to-date season schedules and rosters for all club sports at York College's IMLeagues site, or by downloading the YCP Rec app on the App Store or Google Play.

Note: A YCP login is required to access game information from IMLeagues and the YCP Rec app. 

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