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Student Alumni Board

An opportunity for York College students to get involved, establish connections, and support our campus community.

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Bridging the gap between generations of Spartans.

The Student Alumni Board (SAB) is a group of student leaders whose mission involves bringing current students and York College alumni together through regional engagement, professional development, leadership opportunities, philanthropy, education, and Spartan spirit. 

SAB members build relationships with their fellow Spartans as they attend networking receptions and make site visits to alumni businesses. They also play an important role in educating their peers, highlighting the importance of being actively involved and giving back to their alma mater. 

SAB Membership Benefits


You'll have the opportunity to attend professional networking events and meet York College alumni who are working in a variety of industries. Student Alumni Board members even make site visits to see alumni businesses firsthand!


Showcase your skills and commitment to your community when you add Student Alumni Board Member to your résumé! You'll also build essential skills like leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, event planning, and communication. And with access to high-level alumni and administrators, you'll be well-positioned to ask for professional advice or recommendations.

New Traditions

You'll have a seat at the table as our community works together to establish meaningful new traditions and foster pride throughout our Spartan family. Your ideas and feedback are important — and you'll have the opportunity to share.

Member Expectations

Our Mission

The mission of York College of Pennsylvania’s Student Alumni Board (SAB) is to bridge the gap between alumni and current students through regional engagement and professional development, fostering leadership, building a culture of philanthropy, instilling pride and tradition, and educating peers on what it means to be a Spartan for Life.

Students serving on the Student Alumni Board are expected to uphold the established standards of membership.

Student Alumni Board Pillars

Alumni Engagement
  • Outcome: Build connections with Spartan alumni across all geographical areas
  • Outcome: Students will serve as representatives and advocates of York College of Pennsylvania
Leadership and Professional Development
  • Outcome: Students will be able to demonstrate their networking skills 
  • Outcome: Students will be able to market themselves to potential employers
  • Outcome: Build a cutting-edge Student Alumni Board that continues to grow
  • Outcome: Achieve 153 student donors by the end of the fiscal year
Pride and Tradition
  • Outcome: Instill a sense of Spartan pride and tradition among current students and alumni
  • Outcome: Facilitate the transition of seniors from students to alumni
Peer Education
  • Outcome: Increase the educational awareness among their peers on the importance of philanthropy and alumni engagement as it relates to York College of Pennsylvania
  • Members are expected to attend all meetings unless deemed non-mandatory by president or advisors
  • Missing a meeting must have an official excused absence such as proof of exam or a class occurring simultaneously 
  • Members must notify the Vice President at least 24 hours in advance of a missed meeting and 48 hours in advance of a missed event except in case of emergency

Any members falling below this expectation will be under review by the president and advisors with possible suspension or removal from SAB.

  • General members must attend a minimum of two events per semester. The Executive Board must attend all events to the best of their ability. 
  • Members are expected to sign-up for at least one Fall Fest event, participate in Thank A Giver (TAG) Day, and be a #YCPGives advocate.
  • Attendance and participation in additional events may be required as outlined by president and advisors

Any members falling below this expectation will be under review by the president and advisors with possible suspension or removal from SAB.

Student Advisory Board members must:

  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Follow through on commitments
  • Communicate in a timely manner 
  • Utilize Google Calendar to track events, other commitments, and respond to every Google Calendar invite
  • Have an appropriate social media presence 
  • Represent yourself and York College in a professional manner
  • Make a gift of a minimum of $5 on #YCPGives, York College’s Day of Giving, to practice serving as a philanthropic role model

Members who consistently meet and exceed expectations will have access to special perks such as:

  • Special access to networking opportunities with alumni
  • Professional headshots
  • Mock interviews with development staff
  • Résumé reviews
  • Leadership and organizational skills to add to any résumé

Alumni Relations Staff

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Michelle Shellenberger
Michelle Shellenberger
Director, Alumni Relations
Alumni Relations
Christina Herman
Christina Herman
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
Alumni Relations
Andrea Jackson
Andrea Jackson
Assistant Director of Development Events