Inclement Weather Schedule

When icy conditions, snow, or other bad weather scenarios are present, the College has a team that convenes to decide on possible changes to the schedule to ensure student and staff safety. 

Please note: Although every effort is made to make these decisions as quickly as possible, we must also wait until we have the best information available. Making a call the day before a snow storm arrives is often not feasible. 

In the case of inclement weather, classes will be held virtually for students via Zoom. Faculty will contact students with any necessary information regarding class.

Where to Find Weather-Related Updates

Delays and cancellations will be announced through these channels.

Homepage Announcement —

An announcement bar with details about delays or closures will appear on the homepage.


Announcements will be sent to your email inbox. 

Social Media

Check the official institutional social media accounts:

Weather Hotline

Dial 717.815.6789 to reach the York College Weather Hotline.

Emergency Alerts

In the event of emergency weather conditions, alerts will be sent via the Emergency Alert System.

Inclement Weather Procedures and Policies

If students need to come to campus and believe they cannot make it safely, they should contact their professors or work/club advisors. 

Our first priority is student safety, as it is impossible to know the conditions of every road. We do make every effort to answer your questions on social media and elsewhere. If you have not seen any communications from the College about a closure, we have not adjusted the schedule as of that point.

Please contact officials with individual programs/activities (such as Nursing or Student Teaching) if you are unsure how inclement weather impacts their schedule. The College will not necessarily know how an individual program is affected, particularly off-campus.

Evaluations of the weather/road conditions will be made throughout the day/evening to determine early Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center closings due to the deterioration of the weather. 

During inclement weather, the College will typically remain open with a regular class schedule, to the extent possible, without jeopardizing the safety of students and employees. During extreme weather, the College may pursue various instructional scenarios: following a condensed schedule, declaring a delayed opening, declaring early dismissal, or canceling classes. The  College monitors conditions on campus and in the surrounding area. However, conditions can vary from location to location within our commuting area. As a result, the College encourages individuals to use their judgment in making decisions regarding their personal safety and traveling to campus if they feel it is not safe for them to do so.  


Faculty members are expected to hold classes if the College has not announced they are canceled. They are encouraged to have classes meet in person whenever possible. However, should a faculty member choose to move a class meeting to a virtual setting (preferred) or choose to cancel a class individually (discouraged), faculty members should notify their students (using Canvas and/or email) and the office of the Dean in their respective schools as early as possible before the class meeting time.  


Students considering it unsafe to travel to class due to inclement weather should notify their professors as early as possible. Faculty are encouraged not to penalize students with valid justification for missing on-campus classes during extreme weather conditions; however, it is the student’s responsibility to review their course syllabi for details about their faculty members’ attendance policies and to adhere to them. Whenever classes are moved to a virtual setting or canceled due to inclement weather, students should consult Canvas and check their email to see if faculty have created alternative assignments/activities in place of the class meeting. Students should consult their professors regarding assignment due dates impacted by a change in schedule due to inclement weather. Unless otherwise instructed, electronically submitted assignments are still due at the time and date indicated on the course syllabus. 

Internships, Co-Ops, Clinicals, and Other Off-Campus Assignments

Students scheduled for off-campus assignments when the College has announced a condensed schedule, declared a delayed opening, declared early dismissal, or canceled classes because of weather should contact the off-campus program director, clinical supervisor,  supervising faculty member, or internship employer to determine if they should report for their off-campus assignment.  


Employees are expected to work remotely if they can do so when the College is closed. If employees are unable to work remotely, they should utilize accrued personal or vacation time. Positions identified as essential personnel are expected to report to campus when the College is closed. Employees who believe it is unsafe to travel to campus when a closure is not in effect should contact their supervisor. 


Inclement weather schedule changes will be communicated via portal announcements and email, emergency alert texts, the College’s social media accounts and website, and the emergency weather line at 717.815.6789.  Additionally, emergency text alerts and LiveSafe announcements are available on a subscription basis. Commercial radio and TV announcements are not posted.  

For morning events, a decision will be made and announced, whenever possible, by 5:30 a.m. Only in extreme conditions will announcements be made the previous night. Early dismissal will normally coincide with the end of a class period whenever possible. If there is a delay or early dismissal, please follow the class delay schedule. 

Be advised that this policy is also valid for any special event cancellations, delays, or early dismissals, as decided by the event organizer.