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Writing essays, designing websites, giving presentations--college students from all majors are constantly composing. All these forms of writing are vital ways in which students learn, share what they've learned, and develop their communication skills as future professionals. The Writing Center supports how all forms of writing are taught and learned at York College. We seek to provide space, services, and programming to cultivate a community of writers across the campus and work to encourage both students and tutors to continually grow as writers.
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What we do

Writing help for students and faculty
  • Students

    What we do for students

    We offer individual consultations for student writers on their work-in-progress, workshops, and quiet space to get your writing done.

    In-Person Tutoring 

    We believe that all writers benefit from talking to someone about their writing. Our highly trained staff can help with generating ideas, organizing your draft, revising based on instructor feedback, refining sentences and editing for clarity, editing a visual design, properly formatting citations, or providing other feedback you need. Tutors don’t do your writing or editing for you; tutors work alongside you to help you write the best paper you can. We’re here to coach you, and we hope you will be able to use what you learn with us in your future writing.

    In-person tutoring takes place in HUM 11. Appointments are 30 or 60 minutes. 

    Zoom Tutoring

    You also have the option to have a virtual meeting with a tutor to discuss your writing. For an effective Zoom session, make sure you upload your draft or share a Google document of your assignment and assignment prompt before your appointment, have a reliable internet connection, are located somewhere quiet, and have a device with a microphone and, if possible a camera. Appointments are 30 or 60 minutes. 

    Drop-Off Essay Review

    Our Drop-Off Essay Review service allows you to upload a copy of an assignment and receive feedback from a tutor to help you revise. Just like our in-person services, Drop-Off Essay Review is not an editing service, so tutors will not correct your paper. Instead, they will provide questions and suggestions to help you make changes to your own writing.

    For Drop-Off Essay Review, you will upload a copy of your draft AND your assignment sheet on your appointment form. By 9 p.m. the day of your appointment, you will receive an email with feedback from the tutor. You can access this feedback anytime after it is returned by viewing your appointment on Spartan Learning Services.


    Students may have up to three online appointments per week.

    Make an appointment by clicking the link below, or by clicking on the Writing Center Icon on the MyYCP portal.

  • For faculty

    What we do for faculty

    We offer support for faculty by conducting in-class presentations and workshops, supporting writing activities like peer review in classes, providing embedded Writing Fellows (for a whole semester, or just for special projects) for courses, and offering a prompt review service, as well as many other services to help you support your students and your own scholarly writing. 

    Want to make sure your students know about the Writing Center? Have a writing topic you would like a Writing Center staff member to cover with your students? Have a peer review session coming up that would benefit from writing tutor support? Request a Writing Center presentation or workshop using the link below.

    Would you like to get a student's perspective on a new or revised assignment you are planning to give? Consider using our Assignment Prompt Review service in which a Writing Tutor will review an assignment sheet and complete a review worksheet answering questions about how they understand the purpose and requirements of the assignment and any questions or confusion they have. Request an Assignment Prompt Review using the link below.

  • Writing research

    Writing research

    Like other writing centers around the world, the YCP Writing Center contributes to scholarship about how writing is taught and learned. We think it’s important to base our practices on serious scholarly research, so we can provide support for writers that we are confident will be effective.

    Our research is conducted by both our director and our peer tutors, and is shared at our regional conference, hosted by MAWCA (The Mid-Atlantic Writing Center Association), and at national conferences sponsored by CCCC (The Conference on College Composition and Communication), NCPTW (The National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing) and IWCA (The International Writing Center Association).

Naylor Workshop for writing research at York College

Naylor WorkshopWork with expert researchers

The Naylor Workshop for Undergraduate Research in Writing Studies is an opportunity for you — regardless of experience level — to grow as a skilled researcher and meet researchers from around the country. This is a great fit if you're an undergraduate student of any major who is interested in developing and conducting research projects to expand our knowledge and improve our practices in fields of composition, rhetoric, and writing center studies.
  • Become part of a local network of undergraduate students from varying institutions, including experienced and new undergraduate researchers guided by mentor faculty members.
  • Conference one-on-one with writing researchers in the fields of composition, rhetoric, or writing center studies to discuss research ideas, goals, and methodologies.
  • Engage in workshops to assess the quality of research, design a research question, and learn and practice qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Utilize independent workshop time to construct or develop a research study.
  • Compile authentic feedback and recommendations from writing researchers and students.
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Kim Fahle Peck, Writing Center Director

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