Jeannine Dabb with her art work.

Appell Arts Fellow and Powder Mill Foundation Arts Fellow.

Made possible through the generosity of Mr. Louis Appell, Jr., the Anne M. and Philip H. Glatfelter, III Family Foundation, and the Powder Mill Foundation, two arts fellowships are awarded annually to recent York College graduates. Founded in 2012, the Appell Arts Fellowship is awarded to a graduate of the Fine Art or Graphic Design program. Many former Appell Fellows have since remained in York to pursue their own artwork as well as careers in arts administration.

Due to the success of the Appell Fellow program, a second fellowship was piloted in 2022 and fully launched in 2023 with support from the Powder Mill Foundation. The Powder Mill Foundation Arts Fellowship is awarded to a graduate of any arts-related program. Both fellows contribute to the growth and development of the Downtown York Arts District while refining their artistic abilities and building on other professional skills.

Program Details

The Appell Arts Fellowship and Powder Mill Foundation Arts Fellowship are designed to allow a York College graduate to continue their progress toward arts-based careers after graduation, giving them the time and resources to extend their portfolio of work while also contributing to community-based uses of their art. Housed in York College’s Marketview Arts facility, the arts fellows connect the College with the vibrant York arts district and draw other York College students into the cultural life of York City.

Recent graduates of the York College Fine Art and Graphic Design programs are encouraged to apply for the Appell Arts Fellowship. The Powder Mill Foundation Arts Fellowship is open to recent graduates of these two programs as well as to graduates of other arts-related programs at York College. Successful applicants demonstrate exceptional artistic/creative skills and accomplishments as well as a strong commitment to community engagement.

Applications for the 2024-2025 academic year are due by Sunday, April 21, 2024, on Slideroom. Candidates are interviewed each spring by a panel of faculty and staff from the Arts Department and the Center for Community Engagement.



The Appell Arts Fellow and Powder Mill Foundation Arts Fellow each receive an 11-month artist residency in the Downtown York Arts District where they work with the staff at Marketview Arts to develop, promote, and produce program offerings. They also have the opportunity to hone their artistic skills and curate an exhibition of their own work. In addition, each fellow receives an apartment, studio space, free parking, and a monthly stipend.


Former Art Fellows

Powder Mills Arts Fellow 2022-23

Ren Harbold, also known as ChickenHam Arts, is a queer multimedia illustrator from York, PA. Whether through digital or traditional mediums, they aim to create a colorful dream world for anyone to snuggle into. It is populated by cute (and sometimes creepy) characters imagined in various comics, paintings, and relief printmaking pieces. Along with storytelling, the artist also delves into figurative works that combine bright and punchy tones with the delicate human form. 

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Appell Arts Fellow 2022-2023 & Marketview Arts Fellow 2021-2022

After completing his Marketview Arts fellowship in 2021-2022, James O'Shea was awarded the opportunity to continue his education as the Appell Arts Fellow in 2022-2023.

Appell Arts Fellow 2021-2022

Jeannine Dabb Is an artist residing in York, PA. After 22 years of owning a small business in the medical aesthetics industry, she recently returned to college to study painting. She is graduating from York College of Pennsylvania, in December 2020 with honors and received her bachelor of fine arts with a minor in art history. After graduation, Jeannine became the 10th Appel Fellow and is now the Artist in Residence at Marketview Arts in York, PA, a part of York College of Pennsylvania. She has consistently gotten into local and international juried shows and has won numerous awards. ”High Tides” on exhibition at Hood College Galleries till January 17, 2023, is Jeannine’s 5th solo show in two and a half years.

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Appell Arts Fellow 2020-2021

Colton Boyles '19 is a graphic artist who is based in the York, PA, area. Creating propaganda like poster illustrations, his work focuses on how his Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and the pressures of society affect the stability of his emotions and social life. With silkscreening being his main medium, Colton explores the idea of transferable art, art that can be silkscreened on various surfaces and materials (other than paper), adding more complexity to the original design. Colton received his BA in Fine Art from York College of Pennsylvania in 2019. Other than art, Colton is also a well-respected beer brewer within the York craft beer industry and is currently the assistant brewer at a local brew pub in East York called Stony Run Brew House.

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Appell Arts Fellow 2019-2020

Amber Wiesberg is an artist from New Windsor, MD. As a graduate of York College of Pennsylvania's Fine Art Program, Wiesberg has developed her style of creating joyful works exploring the relationships between space, texture and shape. Wiesberg primarily works in acrylic, but enjoys experimenting with other mediums such as embroidery, fabric, and vinyl. Her work pushes the boundaries of clashing patterns and spatial planes. Her work continues to evolve as she discovers new patterns and color combinations. Her artwork explores the feelings of happiness and joy. Wiesberg has exhibited in local galleries and college buildings since 2017 as well as received awards for her artistic achievement. Under the judgement of Juror Stephen Towns, Wiesberg received third place for Fine Art in the 2019 York College Student Juried Exhibition. Her most recent solo exhibition was at Gallery @227 in downtown York, PA.

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Appell Arts Fellow 2018-2019

Lexus Gore was awarded the opportunity to become the Appell Arts Fellow in 2018-2019.

Appell Arts Fellow 2017-2018

Matthew Apol (b. 1982) is an American artist, curator, and writer concerned with the manipulative mechanisms of modern-day capitalism, and the broader concepts of labor, value, and production. As a visual artist, he works in drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography. Apol received a BA with a dual concentration in graphic design and fine art from the York College of Pennsylvania and is currently pursuing an MFA in studio art at Syracuse University.

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Appell Arts Fellow 2016-2017

Following graduation, Cody was awarded the fifth Appell Fellowship at Marketview Arts, where he pursued connections in the downtown York arts scene. His area of exploration during his fellowship focused on printmaking, specifically, unconventional letterpress treatments using equipment from graphic design professor Troy Patterson’s collection, Catch and Release Press, which at the time resided in the second floor studios of Marketview Arts.

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Appell Arts Fellow 2015-2016

Anya Felch was awarded the opportunity to become the Appell Arts Fellow from 2015-2016.

Appell Arts Fellow 2014-2015

Dillon Samuelson is a painter and illustrator who currently lives and works in York, Pennsylvania, United States. He graduated from the Fine Art program at York College of Pennsylvania in 2014, and the following year was awarded the third annual Appell Arts Fellowship at Marketview Arts. He has also completed residencies with the Vermont Studio Center and Springboard for the Arts, and his work has been shown in exhibitions across the U.S. His art is in private collections throughout the U.S., Europe, and Australia, and his award-winning illustrations have appeared in books and comics, accompanying the writing of authors such as Ted Kelsey and Erik Arneson.

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Appell Arts Fellow 2013-2014

Kree Wiede was awarded the opportunity to become the Appell Arts Fellow from 2013-2014.


Appell Arts Fellow 2012-2013

Rita Whitney is an artist, as well as the Director of Communications and Engagement for the Cultural Alliance of York County. She is committed to providing opportunities for the community to create and share their art, whether it be organizing and connecting artists for gallery shows, coordinating public art projects, or teaching at and providing art supplies for local schools. Previously she owned Prime Art Supply, and was a founding member of the Parliament Arts Organization as well as the Mount Gretna School of Art. Currently she is the Board Chair for Create Karma, a yoga wellness organization in Lancaster, and serves on the board for The Grotto Community Center, and Re-Source York.

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