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York College of PA to Host International Educational Counselors on June 17

June 08, 2022
Headshot of Christian DeGregorio

York College of Pennsylvania will host international educational counselors on its campus on June 17 through an educational exchange called The Global Educator Program (TGEP). 

"As the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, York College has seen its quality academic programs attract a significant increase of attention from the international community,” said Christian DeGregorio, director of international recruitment. “This is another example of that, and we are very excited to host Collegey's Global Educator Program (TGEP) on our campus." 

TGEP brings international educational counselors to the United States and provides them with the opportunity to learn about American culture, its landscape, and society through a series of meetings, travel, and discussions on college and university campuses. The Program also gives American higher education institutions the chance to showcase their programs, facilities, and vision to a visiting cohort. The 2022 TGEP cohort represents India, Singapore, Mauritius, and the United Arab Emirates.

International and intercultural exchange opportunities like those offered by The Global Educator Program promote openness, perspective-taking, and the value of diversity in approaching the world’s problems. In addition, students develop more interest in American institutions when international educators bring their lived American experiences back to their native countries. TGEP's goal of building stronger and more meaningful ties may also be seen in the higher degree of engagement that American university representatives show when they in turn visit the cohort's home countries. These connections bring people together and facilitate understanding not only in times when all are in agreement, but they can also bridge differences in times of crisis.