Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center at York College in the summer

Student Employment Opportunities

GSFC Staffing Motto: Create a nice day... the Grumbacher way

We are looking for student employees who are dedicated, courteous, and service-oriented employees, who enjoy what they do, and proud of the Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center.

Students should apply for employment using SpartanCareerPath.

Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center student employees are committed to serving the York College community and providing program participants with superior service. Service is one of our products. Our success is measured is by customer satisfaction.

York College of Pennsylvania is an EEO employer.

Employment opportunities in the Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center
The equipment desk is just one of many options available.

Employment Opportunities

  • Lifeguard

    Job Description: Promotes a safe and healthy atmosphere in the natatorium to prevent injuries. Responsible for the administration of the facility, Emergency Action Plan protocol and for the supervision and education of bathers. Additional responsibilities include: cleaning and general maintenance of the natatorium.

    Requirements: Current American Red Cross Lifeguard Training certification as designated by Pennsylvania statute; and a current American Red Cross CPR/AED certification for the Professional Rescuer.

    Educational Value: Lifeguard / Aquatics Supervision experience

  • Intramural Official

    Did you play sports in high school? Are you looking for an on-campus job? If you answered "Yes" to these questions, there are plenty of Intramural Employment Opportunities for you here at York College.

  • GSFC Desk Attendant (Fitness Center, Equipment and Welcome Desk Attendant)

    Job Description: Serve as primary customer service representative for the Athletics & Recreation department. Monitors member/guest authorized access to the facility; provides general information regarding all facility usage areas and programming to include: recreational sports programs, classroom schedules athletic and special events, directs visitors to designated locations throughout the facility; responsible for enforcing facility rules and regulations; answers/redirects phone calls and assists with administrative office tasks as needed. Monitors the authorized distribution of athletic equipment, equipment rentals, uniforms, practice gear, and coordinates the laundering of towels, practice gear, and uniforms for varsity sports. Monitors the participants of the fitness center by promoting safety and proper usage of equipment through appropriate supervision; schedules/provides fitness center orientations to users; monitors fitness center area for safety, order and cleanliness; monitors equipment for proper function and safety; provides assistance in spotting, proper lifting techniques and equipment operation. Strong emphasis is placed on communication and interpersonal skills.

    Requirements: No previous experience required. American Red Cross CPR/AED certification preferred.

    Educational Value: Customer Service / Communications Experience / Inventory Control Experience / Fitness Supervision

  • Rock Wall Monitor

    Job Description: Rock Wall Monitors (RWMs) oversee safe use of the rockwall. RWMs; instruct users on basic knots and belaying techniques, set and maintain routes and problems, clean and maintain the rock wall area in the Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center (GSFC). RWMs are expected to: obtain and maintain a basic level of competency with respect to indoor rock climbing, be able to demonstrate an ability to perform the Minimum Physical Abilities (MPAs) listed in the RWM Duties and Responsibilities, effectively communicate with both oral and written communication, and maintain a basic level of professionalism. RWMs are expected to be positive, encouraging and understanding. RWMs are expected to perform other duties as assigned.

    Requirements: Successful completion of PE 166 Intro to Indoor Rock Climbing and/or PE 141 Intro to Adventure Sports is not required, but strongly desired. Previous climbing experience is not required, but strongly desired. Previous experience providing technical instruction to a diverse population is not required, but strongly desired. Previous experience working in physically demanding environments is not required, but strongly desired. RWMs are expected to communicate electronically via text and e-mail and will be expected to join a text message group. RWMs must demonstrate a positive attitude and a willingness to serve.

    Educational Value: Customer Service / Recreational Supervision experience