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Engineering students competing in Formula SAE

The York College Race Team takes what mechanical, computer and electrical engineering students learn in the classroom out onto the track. This year our incredible team members will design, build, and race a Formula SAE car against 120 other colleges and universities at Michigan International Speedway as part of their capstone design project. They'll compete against other college students from around the world who have all built cars from the ground up, spending hours upon hours painstakingly analyzing every aspect of the vehicle, fabricating it to spec, and perming testing and evaluation, all according to Formula SAE rules (Formula SAE is an international student design program).

They can't do it alone. Donations help make this all possible. All donations will directly fund the costs associated with building the vehicles, such as the fabrication material, contractor bills, commercial parts, assembly components (nuts, bolts, wire, etc.), and a portion of the travel expenses. Non-monetary donations (welding, fabricating, laser or water-jet cutting, etc.) are also welcome.  Thank you for your support!


YCP Formula Car
York College Formula SAE team competing in Michigan, 2023
Construction of the Formula SAE 2024 frame

Benefits of supporting YCP Racing

While students get hands-on experience with a real world design problem, as well as experience in teamwork, systematic analysis, fabrication and more, donors get the benefit of helping our program provide an amazing opportunity.
  • Top contributor benefits: Logo and name displayed on the front of the project; acknowledgment of top contributor status in all publicity; and an invitation to unveiling of the car projects
  • Platinum club $1,500 and above: Invitation to unveiling of the car projects; name and logo on project (large)
  • Gold club $500-$1,499: Invitation to unveiling of the car projects; name and logo on project (medium)
  • Silver club $250-$499: Name and logo on project (small)

About YCP Racing

  • Formula SAE Racing Vehicle

    Formula SAE Racing Vehicle

    Formula SAE car being made

    FSAE is a competition where teams from colleges around the world build a formula car from the ground up. Every aspect of the vehicle must be designed and fabricated according to FSAE rules.

    The vehicles need to meet these specs in order to compete in a rigor of tests designed by the Society of Automotive Engineers.  

  • Baja SAE

    Baja SAE Vehicle

    Baja SAE Vehicle

    Baja SAE is a competition where engineering students are tasked to design and build an off-road vehicle from the ground up. This vehicle will survive the severe punishment of rough terrain and water. The vehicle is powered by a standard engine, while the frame, drivetrain, suspension, and body are engineered by the students. 

  • Formula SAE Electric

    Formula SAE Electric Vehicle

    Electric Car

    D‌ue to the growth in our engineering programs, we have added the Formula SAE Electric Car to our capstone project choices for engineering students. The electric car is a technological challenge and it has environmental advantages. An electric car is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It can provide better performance (quiet smooth operation, stronger acceleration, and less maintenance) and can help to reduce energy dependency. This project will enable our engineering students to explore the opportunities and challenges in this contemporary engineering field.

    The goal of the project is to have a drivable electric car by the end of the spring semester in 2017. Our students will work two semesters on this project.

    Summer of 2016

    • Research electric vehicles
    • Design subsystems with alternative options
    • Proof of concept
    • Select products and finalize the bill-of-materials

    Spring of 2017

    • Subsystems prototype
    • System integration
    • Testing
    • Delivery of the final product
  • What is YCP Racing?

    What is YCP Racing?

    York College Engineering program logo YCP racing team is part of the Capstone Design project. Capstone Design is a two part course taken in the engineering students senior year that spans over two semesters. This years YCP racing team have chosen the FSAE and the Baja competition projects.

    York College of Pennsylvania is a private institution with comprehensive engineering programs. The most significant student experience is capstone design. Students apply the technical skills they have learned during their studies and co-op experiences to a real world design problem. Such monumental and challenging undertakings are also expensive. The YCP engineering programs contributes the first $5000 to each project, but the students rely on external fundraising to cover all additional expenses. Each project is projected to cost upwards of $30,000 to cover construction and competition costs.

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