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Getting to Know You(r)k: The Career Development Center Prepares Students for Life After York College

July 10, 2023
GTKY Career Expo

Written by: Khamelia Henderson

Many students hear about this mysterious land known as the Career Development Center during New Student Orientation, but how many know what the Center does or what value it could provide for them throughout their college career?

The Career Development Center is located in Room 200 of Campbell Hall. The Center offers drop-in hours for quick résumé reviews and other questions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon to 1:30 p.m. 

Why Should First-Year Students Care about the Career Center?

First-year students who actively engage with their Career Development team have the greatest advantage when it comes to exploring different career paths, different employers, and connecting classroom and hands-on learning to help them make the best decisions related to their personal goals. 

A 2022 survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers showed that students who visit their career center are 2.2 times more likely to participate in paid internships and 3.3 times more satisfied with their college and career preparation experience. 

Jamie Guilford, Associate Director of Employer Relations, further explains why this service benefits York College students.

“A student’s time on campus goes by very fast! Getting to know the Career Development team, the resources we offer, and making regular appointments can keep students on track of their goals every semester to ensure a successful college experience,” she says. 

When is the Best Time for Students to Visit the Career Development Center?

The Center advises students to visit early in their college career and throughout their York College enrollment. It takes time to prepare and develop skills and knowledge for a career, so it’s best to begin as a first-year student. 

“Our team can help students break down the career development process into smaller action steps each semester and prepare them for the next steps so they aren’t overwhelmed,” says Guilford. 

Students can get a deeper understanding of internships or a job search and get exposed to more opportunities as well as employer and alumni connections that can set them up as top candidates. 

What Benefits Does the Center Provide for Students?

The Center offers a range of career exploration tools such as the Focus 2 assessment, which allows students to discover academic and career options based on personality, interests, values, and skills; and “What Can I Do With This Major?”, which features 100 majors with information on career fields, employers that hire in the field, and strategies to maximize job opportunities. The team provides insights and feedback on résumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. They also offer assistance with internships and job searches across a wide array of career fields. 

Grace Wagaman ’26 is a Mechanical Engineering major considering roller coaster design as a career. 

“I feel like I am more prepared for life outside of college due to the Career Center. Not only did they help me write a good résumé, but they showed me what aspects appeal to an employer,” she explains. “I know I will use this information whenever I have to apply for a new job.” 

The Center has partnered with Parker Dewey, a company that connects college students and recent graduates to micro-internships, which are shorter, paid, project-based experiences that help students gain work-based skills and knowledge with an employer. 

Career Development holds events like employer networking meetups, the Career Expo, and career workshops on topics such as networking, graduate school, and more. Students who need to register their internship for academic credit can visit the office for assistance.

Pay them a Visit

Information about events can be found on the YCP app as well as on posters across all classroom buildings and residence halls. Students should also look for announcements about a new system called Handshake, which is set to replace Spartan Career Path over the summer. Handshake will provide access to even more employer connections, virtual employer events, and 24/7 access to career resources. 

“The Career Development Center is here to support students at every step in their career journey,” Guilford says.