May 30, 2024

York College of PA Civil Engineering team wins international student competition

3-Minute Read

A York College of Pennsylvania Civil Engineering team has won the international TecQuipment 2024 Student Competition.

The competition features contestants investigating and testing an engineering theory or concept utilizing a piece of the company’s teaching equipment. TecQuipment designs and manufactures market-leading engineering teaching equipment used by universities and colleges around the world.

“The goal of the competition was to create a three- to five-minute video that explained an experiment, from setup to results to application, using equipment from TQ,” said Associate Professor of Civil Engineering Josh Wyrick, who guided the team through the competition. “The students were given free rein to investigate any topic they wanted using any TQ equipment. I was absolutely thrilled that a team from YCP won this year and that the winning team's dedication to this project was recognized and awarded.”Members of the winning team are Nathan Callis, a senior from York; Katie De Lange, a senior from Finksburg, Md.; Isabella Fields, a junior from Centreville, Md.; Aidan Hill, a junior from Oxford, Pa.; Tyler Hunt, a junior from Seven Valleys, Pa.; and Zoe Kluegel, a senior from Fairfax Station, Va.

Their video, in which they investigated Friction Factor Estimation, utilized TecQuipment’s Friction Loss in a Pipe apparatus attached to a Digital Hydraulic Bench. As winners, the team earned 1150 British pounds in either cash ($1,463) or an Amazon voucher and a customized trophy. 

“The competition was structured into a lab assignment, and we wrote a 13-page report to go along with it,” said Kluegel. “I thought the video was fairly simple to put together since we already wrote the in-depth report. The main challenge was getting across the research to the audience in a way that was engaging and a way that helped the watcher visualize the experiment. I learned crucial collaboration skills that I can apply in the workplace through working with this group.”

“We hope everyone involved in this competition managed to use this project to learn something about themselves, develop new and transferrable skills, and of course, learn more about the engineering principles being taught in their class,” TecQuipment posted on its website.