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Rita Whitney

Appell Arts Fellow, 2012–2013

Rita Whitney is an artist, as well as the Director of Communications and Engagement for the Cultural Alliance of York County. She is committed to providing opportunities for the community to create and share their art, whether it be organizing and connecting artists for gallery shows, coordinating public art projects, or teaching at and providing art supplies for local schools. Previously she owned Prime Art Supply, and was a founding member of the Parliament Arts Organization as well as the Mount Gretna School of Art. Currently she is the Board Chair for Create Karma, a yoga wellness organization in Lancaster, and serves on the board for The Grotto Community Center, and Re-Source York.

Former Appell Fellow Rita Whitney
Rita Whitney, 2012–2013 Appell Arts Fellow

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  • What things did you accomplish as an Appell Fellow of which you are most proud?

    I had some very big breakthroughs in the work that I was making, connecting myself more emotionally to my work in a way I hadn't been able to previously. I also felt like I was really able to start getting the word out about Marketview Arts and what the space had to offer as it was so new at the time.

  • How did the Appell Fellowship help you to advance your own goals as an artist and/or help you to advance the arts community in York?

    I had the luxury of time to focus on what I wanted to work on. I was still working small part-time jobs, but I didn't have to constantly be in the hustle of making money to survive, and so I was able to take my time, choose what I wanted to focus on artistically, and where I wanted to put my energy into the community. Having a physical location that was public, and central to downtown also made a big difference for me. It made me into a point-person for contact about the building which led me to naturally help make connections to artists, businesses and arts organizations looking to collaborate.

  • If you were talking to someone considering applying to be an Appell Fellow, what would you say to them?

    This is a really unique opportunity that has the possibility to give you a real leg-up on your career.