A colonial-style brick building shopfront has a embedded signage reading Gunter-Smith Center for Community Engagement, followed by the York College of Pennsylvania logo.

Cody Bannon

Appell Arts Fellow, 2016-2017

York College alum Cody Bannon is responsible for the White Rose Music Fest logo and website. Cody is a Winter 2015 graduate of the Graphic Design program. 

Following graduation, Cody was awarded the fifth Appell Fellowship at Marketview Arts, where he pursued connections in the downtown York arts scene. His area of exploration during his fellowship focused on printmaking, specifically, unconventional letterpress treatments using equipment from graphic design professor Troy Patterson’s collection, Catch and Release Press, which at the time resided in the second floor studios of Marketview Arts.

Cody kicked off his professional career as a junior graphic designer at York’s Gavin Advertising, before making a jump to combining his passion for design and love of baseball. Since November 2017, Cody has taken the reigns as creative director for the York Revolution professional baseball team. The experiences in this position have given him the opportunity to design pieces like apparel, jerseys, All-Star Game branding, Anniversary Branding, social media, websites, video production, and now… the White Rose Music Fest presented by York College of Pennsylvania.

His ties to the York community run deep with many professional and personal connections stemming from his time at York College. One of those connections led him in marry fellow Winter 2015 grad Allison Hutchison.

Cody Bannon
Cody Bannon, 2016-2017 Appell Arts Fellow