Facility Services

Facility Services maintains the College's infrastructure and assists with everyday needs relating to the facilities on campus. 

The entrance to Kings Mill Depot office building.

Facility Services Represents the Building Maintenance, Energy Controls, Custodial Services, and Grounds.

See us for facility needs within residence halls, academic buildings and the campus grounds — just submit a work request. We oversee:

Building Maintenance and Energy Controls

Responsible for infrastructure maintenance, physical upkeep of buildings and building systems, heating/cooling systems, and energy conservation.

Custodial Services

Responsible for cleaning buildings and set-up requirements for events.

Grounds Maintenance

Responsible for the upkeep of the Campus grounds and exteriors.

Facility Services FAQ

Please contact the Facility Services Office at 717.815.1351. Regular office hours are Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Have the following information available:  A detailed description of the issue; Name; Contact number; Building name; and room number - include the letter (A, B, or C) if applicable and refer to the directional (left/right) based on looking into a room from the doorway.

Having this information available will help expedite the repair process. The more detailed description and location you can provide allows for Facility Services staff to address the issue timely and accurately.

If an emergency occurs outside of regular office hours (Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. - 6 p.m.), contact Campus Safety at 717.815.1314 and an on-call staff member will be contacted.

Examples of emergencies are as follows: no heat and room temperature is below 60 degrees; no hot water; power outage that extends beyond outlets in the room; overflowing toilet (or any running water issues); toilet is unusable and there is only one toilet available (i.e. - apartment-style housing); severe leaks; elevator entrapment; anything that affects life safety; anything that could cause personal harm; or anything that left unattended could cause property damage.

Facility Services reserves the right to make the determination based on the information given that a situation is a non-emergency.

Examples of non-emergencies are as follows: light out, broken furniture, broken screens, pest issues, graffiti removal, clogged sinks, and toilet issues that do not involve flowing water when several toilets are still accessible (i.e. - traditional residence hall areas). If you have a non-emergency request during hours when the office is not open, contact us to leave a message and we will address it the following work day.

In order to submit a Facility Services work order, please log in to MyYCP and click on the Footprints icon. Choose the Service Catalog tab, double click on Facilities, and select the category of the service or issue you would like to report. You can also send an email to or call 717.815.1351 during normal business hours. 

If you have a work order emergency after hours, please contact the Department of Campus Safety at 717.815.1314. When reporting an issue, please be as detailed as possible. Include your name, contact information, where you live on-campus, description of the problem, the location of the issue, and if anyone else is affected.

*Emergencies are typically a broken pipe, flooded bathroom, no heat in extremely low temperatures, etc. Light bulbs that are no longer working should wait until the next business day to be repaired.

We do require appointments to be made for bed requests, furniture requests, and pest related issues. Please provide a time frame when you will be available when you submit your request. We do not make appointments for maintenance-related repairs. When you submit a request, our staff will access your room/apartment to make the repair. The maintenance staff is instructed to knock several times before entering, as well as verbally announce their presence.

Residence hall lock and key issues are handled through the Residence Life and Campus Housing Office. Please contact them directly at 717.815.1281 or You can also stop by their office in Student Union, 3rd floor.  If a key or lock issue is an emergency (i.e. - broken key stuck in lock, cannot unlock door), please contact the Campus Safety Office emergency phone at 717.815.1314.

The York College standard for temperature control inside regulated buildings is 68 - 72 degrees for heating and 72 - 76 for cooling. York College reserves the right to adjust settings once the need is deemed necessary. We appreciate your understanding during the transitional months as temperatures fluctuate and residence hall spaces may become uncomfortable at times; however, a permanent change is not made until temperatures remain consistent to warrant the need. If at any time the temperatures within the residence halls are not within these standards, please contact the Facility Services Office. We cannot guarantee we will be able to adjust the temperature as it will depend on the weather forecast and prevailing outdoor temperature.

All lost and found items are turned in to the Campus Safety Office. Contact their office directly at 717.815.1403 during regular office hours.

All internet and cable issues, including broken or damaged data jacks and covers, are handled by the LTS Help Desk. Please contact the Help Desk at 717.815.1559 or 

All laundry machine issues need to be reported to your Area Coordinator. Please see your RA if you have questions about contacting your Area Coordinator or Residence Life and Campus Housing

For information about delays and closing, please check the banner at the bottom of York College's website. You can also call the weather hot line at 717.815.6789.  The banner and hotline are updated as weather situations change. 

During periods of inclement weather, please contact the Facility Services Office to report specific areas of concern with snow and ice. While our staff works very hard to keep walkways and parking lots clear during inclement weather, it can become difficult as the weather and freezing conditions continue. We appreciate your understanding as we try to keep all areas clear and safe for use. Please note that the sidewalks and porches of campus-owned student houses are the responsibility of the residents. Facility Services will be happy to provide shovels and salt as needed.

Contact Us

Facility Services

Kings Mill Depot, Room 123
(Located on Kings Mill Road between Grantley Road and S. Penn Street)

After Hours and Emergencies: 
Please call the Campus Safety office at 717.815.1314.