April 2, 2024

Kimberly Capezza


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York College Sport Management Graduate Gears Up to Work Super Bowl

Kimberly “Kim” Capezza ’15 is working her dream job with the National Football League (NFL) and helping others experience the joy of live sports.

Yankee Stadium holds a special place in the heart of Kimberly “Kim” Capezza ’15. Growing up, she’d wear one of her favorite Derek Jeter shirts and make the 90-minute drive with her dad on game day.

It was special, just the two of them, and she’d listen as her dad told her stories of managers who used to be players and what it was like when he went to games with his dad.

The magic of those moments shaped Capezza’s life beyond childhood. She earned a degree in Sport Management at York College of Pennsylvania to keep sport in her life—and make sure future generations could have the same kind of experience she had with her dad. 

Today, she’s doing so on one of the biggest stages in sports, working in ticketing operations for the National Football League (NFL). Her next visit will be to SoFi stadium in Los Angeles, in preparation for the Super Bowl. “To be a part of this in any capacity…I have to pinch myself sometimes,” she says.

Getting her start

Capezza started working at the NFL last November. But like the players on the field, she was preparing for the opportunity long before then.

She got a job in the National Hockey League (NHL) working with the New Jersey Devils after graduating from York College. She was in sales, which was, admittedly, not a great fit. “But it got me in the door and got me networking with other people in other departments,” she says.

Less than a year later, she moved into ticket operations, where she thrived. “I think my time at York College was the best way to prepare me,” she says. “I felt ready, I felt confident. I don’t think I would have had that had I not gone through the program at York.”

From event operation and networking to the importance of a thank-you note, Capezza credits York College for getting her where she is. “I feel like I have this layer of preparation that I can only thank York for,” she says.

The big leagues

Capezza navigated several interviews in one month to land the job at the NFL. Once there, she hit the ground running. She works on events like the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, and playoff games—and no two days are the same.

“I love the challenge of every day is a different task, a different thing to prioritize,” she says. “You’re running a mile a minute. You’re experiencing so much in such a small window. That’s so exciting to me.”

It’s not an easy job. The hours are long, and you have to hustle to get ahead. But the reward is great. She’s helping create the experience she had going to games with her dad for so many other people. “You’re working in something that people love,” she says. “You make that happen, you’re a part of it.”

Next up

Working for the NFL was a dream for Capezza. “I never could have imagined being in this situation right now,” she says.

This year’s Super Bowl has her traveling to Los Angeles. But next year will be a different stadium, different city, different teams. There are so many things she wants to learn and so many opportunities to grow—and she hopes to do it all with the NFL.

“There’s always going to be something new and something exciting,” she says. “I hope that I can experience that for many years to come.”

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