Applied Behavior Analysis (M.Ed.)

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York College of Pennsylvania's Online MEd in ABA: Training for Diverse Student Needs

York College of Pennsylvania’s online Master of Education (MEd) degree program in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) prepares you with the skills and training to effectively address the different learning needs of all students.

Using an evidence-based therapeutic approach and established ABA principles, students in our online master’s in ABA program gain real-world experience and complete a verified course sequence approved by the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI).

Graduates of the fully online ABA master’s program are well-prepared to advance their careers in special education and behavior therapy and to sit for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) examination. Once certified, they will be eligible for state licensure.

Learn More About the Online M.ED. in ABA Leading to BCBA Certification

Master of Education in ABA Degree Requirements and Courses

The 33-credit online master’s in ABA program at York College offers a comprehensive curriculum that combines foundational education and pedagogy courses with advanced ABA-specific coursework. The program covers essential topics such as:

  • ABA principles and procedures
  • Assessment and intervention strategies
  • Ethics and professionalism in ABA practice
  • Research methods in ABA
  • Supervision and management in ABA settings

Students interested in clinical experiences or BCBA certification can pursue up to 2,000 equivalent hours of field experience supervised by a BCBA.

Prepare for BCBA Certification Online

Upon completion of the flexible online program, students will have met the coursework requirements to sit for the BCBA exam. If you’re interested in pursuing clinical careers or working closely with students with autism spectrum disorders in educational settings, becoming certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board is an essential step.

Earning BCBA certification opens doors to careers as an expert in behavior analysis in educational settings as well as in consulting, supervision, or leadership roles within their organizations. Additionally, teachers with BCBA certification may be eligible for higher compensation or specialized positions leading to increased earning potential.

ABA Professional Certificate

York College offers a flexible, efficient online post-graduate certificate-only program in Applied Behavior Analysis to meet the growing demand for skilled educators.

Our 21-credit BCBA certification pathway combines engaging coursework with valuable fieldwork experiences at local mental health agencies. Enjoy the convenience of completing fieldwork through your employer and advance your career in ABA or special education with our innovative program.

Learn more about the standalone ABA post-master’s certificate leading to BCBA certification.

Dual Bachelor’s and Master’s in Teaching - ABA Special Education Pathway

Are you an undergraduate student interested in fast-tracking your career with a bachelor’s to master’s in ABA? YCP’s range of 4+1 education program options allows ambitious students to earn both a bachelor’s degree and an MEd in ABA in just five years.

Whether you’re interested in majoring in special education, middle school education, or another field, many of York College's education major programs can be combined with the online master’s in ABA program for a streamlined 4+1 dual degree. If you’re interested, consult your academic advisor to learn more.

Review undergraduate programs in the School of Behavioral Sciences and Education.

Earn a Master of Education in ABA Online With York College of Pennsylvania

Earn your online master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis with York College of Pennsylvania and gain the expertise to excel in special education and behavior therapy, paving the way for advanced career opportunities and positive outcomes.

Take a step closer to your future. Request information about the online MEd in ABA, or begin your application.

PK-12 and Special Education Careers for MEd ABA Graduates

A Master of Education (MEd) degree program with a focus on Applied Behavior Analysis can be a valuable asset for professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of special education, behavior analysis, and related areas. The ABA coursework at YCP examines ABA from a broad perspective, which will give you the confidence to explore many different career paths.

Some roles in the ABA education space that may require or benefit from a master’s degree include:

  • Special education teacher
  • School psychologist or counselor
  • Autism specialist
  • School interventionist
  • Early intervention specialist

Graduates may explore opportunities in public or private schools, early intervention initiatives, and program coordination. Possessing this advanced credential paves the way for higher-level careers, including roles like Director of Special Education Services.

Transitioning to Behavior Therapy Careers in Mental Health Care

By becoming prepared to sit for the BCBA certification exam, individuals with an educational background can begin or advance their work in the mental health space. Completing an ABAI-approved graduate program is the first step to becoming a certified behavior analyst and ABA therapist.

Possible roles for graduates of the online ABA master of education program include:

  • ABA therapist
  • Certified behavior analyst
  • Clinical supervisor
  • Behavioral consultant
  • Addiction counselor
  • Sports counselor
  • Organizational behavior consultant
  • Program manager for ABA services

ABA professionals work in various settings such as clinics, hospitals, private practices, and community mental health centers. Integrated fieldwork with a certified behavior analyst and an engaged online modality fully prepare you to take your next step, whether you imagine yourself making meaningful change in traditional educational settings, government agencies, nonprofit or community services, or clinical settings.

Advanced Career Opportunities in ABA and Beyond

The hands-on experience and professional qualifications you demonstrate with a Master of Education degree can lead to advanced careers in traditional educational settings and in roles where you can enhance the learning of students on a greater scale.

  • Advocacy and policy
  • Program direction or coordination
  • Clinical or academic research
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Training and development

Supervised BCBA Fieldwork Practicum

Real experience in a local mental health or educational setting, gained in York’s robust online Master of Education program, sets you up for confronting the systemic issues and challenges that exist in today’s world.

Students who are working practitioners with access to an appropriate ABA supervisor may fulfill this requirement in collaboration with their place of employment. Others may choose to complete a separate internship under the supervision of a certified BCBA.

Through both individual and group interactions, MEd candidates interested in sitting for the certification exam conduct daily tasks in a field that is meaningful to their future work. You may design and execute tailored behavior management plans, carry out behavioral assessments, interact with classrooms and other educators, communicate with families and stakeholders, and connect with students of special abilities of all ages.

Institutional BCBA Partnerships in South Central PA and Beyond

York’s local and regional connections with mental health clinical settings and educational institutions provide students with invaluable learning experiences and connections to working professionals in the field.

Upon graduating, you’ll have the confidence and skills to explore many different career paths. Depending on your interests and career goals, you’ll have access to fieldwork and other networking opportunities working with a variety of populations and ages.

Employer Tuition Benefits

York College collaborates with various community organizations and businesses, offering employees access to affordable graduate-level education. To determine if your organization is a participating partner, view our Tuition Discount Partnerships or consult your Human Resources department.

Skills for Rapidly Growing Health and Education Careers

The ABA coursework at YCP examines ABA from a broad perspective and shores up theory and research with opportunities to put learning into practice.

Above all, graduates of the online MEd in ABA are flexible lifelong learners who can practice in a wide range of settings, from traditional mental health agencies to schools, hospitals, and businesses. Learn everything from behavioral assessment and assessment techniques to professional collaboration skills in a personalized and engaged online environment:

  • How to design and implement evidence-based interventions for individuals with behavioral and learning challenges, including developing Individualized Education Plans (IEP)
  • Communication with interdisciplinary teams, including educators, parents, and other ABA professionals
  • How to convey behavior analysis findings and recommendations to stakeholders
  • Adherence to professional and ethical standards in the field
  • Cultivation of a respectful, inclusive, and empathetic educational space
  • Interpretation and strategic use of behavioral data
  • Provision of ongoing support and monitoring to modify and ensure successful implementation

Applied Behavior Analysis Courses

Your class schedule will include a series of core courses related to your field and taught by faculty experts.

Course NameCourse CodeCredits
Foundations of Applied Behavior AnalysisABA 6403 Credits
Behavior Assessment ABA 6433 Credits
Providing ABA TreatmentABA 6443 Credits
Administering Ethical Behavior Analytic ServicesABA 6463 Credits

Careers in Applied Behavior Analysis

A master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis opens up a variety of career opportunities. Some of your options may include:

Special Education Teacher

School Psychologist

School Counselor

Autism Specialist

School Interventionist

Early Intervention Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

A graduate program focusing on ABA education equips you with specialized knowledge and skills that advance your ability to develop and implement effective behavior interventions for students with special needs. A tailored master’s with fieldwork can increase your marketability and earning potential as a special education professional. This degree can lead to leadership positions such as special education program coordinator or special education services director, as well as advanced roles as a state-credentialed Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Students in the online ABA master’s degree program may be eligible for financial assistance through employer tuition assistance with select local and regional partners, as well as by applying for federal aid. Additionally, the Office of Financial Aid can be a resource for finding further support through grants and scholarships.

Learn about costs and financial aid, and contact the Financial Aid Office for scholarships and grants.

Yes, our online master’s in ABA program is designed to accommodate the needs of working professionals. Coursework is accessible online, and practicums can be completed in your current work environment.

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