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Sport Management Prepares York College Senior for Life’s Curveballs

A sport management student practicing in his field

Teamwork on and off the field helped Josiah Williams ’22 prepare for whatever lies ahead.

Josiah Williams ’22 says some of his best memories revolve around sports, from his high school soccer team’s run in the state playoffs to the time he met former New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms at a basketball game.

Growing up, he had no illusions of becoming a professional athlete, but being a part of a team was an experience he never wanted to end—and it won’t. He’s finishing up his senior year in Sport Management at York College of Pennsylvania, and the game is just beginning.

Ready for anything

The Sport Management program at York College isn’t a one-track major. A student sitting in front of Williams in one class might want to be a coach while the person next to him might focus on sport finance. Williams? He’s into marketing and sport administration.

“I like to be more behind the scenes,” he says. “What’s the reason behind people attending events? How are we differentiating ourselves?”

He’s working on minors in Marketing, Business Administration, and Management to round out his experience. But his Sport Management classes cover a wide range, ensuring graduates can handle any curveball they’re thrown. “In Sport Management, you’re going to experience everything,” Williams says.

A marketer might be called on to do sales or administration. His classes have prepared him for it all. “I think one of the cool things about sports is that they will throw you into everything,” he says.

Teams for life

It’s not just sports teams Williams is attracted to. He draws on the strength and support of other teams he’s a member of, such as his professional development role with the Campus Activities Board and working as a residence life community assistant.

“I developed a lot of my skills by looking at my teammates and seeing what I admired in them and being able to grab onto that,” Williams says.

For Williams, every team he’s on is a chance to grow, leading to great personal and professional development in his time at York College. “Camaraderie is a big thing,” he says. “You learn to admire and appreciate at least one thing about the people who are on your team.”

Counting his blessings

When he looks back, Williams is amazed at how far he’s come since his first year in college. He’s gained a variety of experience and knowledge professionally, but he’s also grown as a person.

Four years ago, he thought he’d like to work for the Kansas City Chiefs one day, but he quickly realized he had no desire to live in Missouri. Now, he’s focused on obtaining more marketing experience, hopefully through an internship, and seeing what opportunities come his way.

“When it comes to this school, I’m grateful for all the opportunities that have been given to me,” he says. “I have so many examples of people I admire. I’m grateful for this community.”

His future isn’t set in stone, but his broad knowledge base has Williams confident he’ll be ready no matter what’s thrown his way. After all, that’s one of the most exciting things about sports to him: anything can happen.