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Zac Track, Episode 3: Last Zac Standing

October 28, 2020
A red rose on a white backdrop and the words Zac Track: From York College of Pennsylvania to the Bachelorette Season 16

Written by: Sophie Barnes '22

Hey Spartans. Sophie Barnes again. Where do we even start with last night’s episode? If you’re anything like me, you aren’t quite sure what happened last night, other than whatever it was, it was A LOT. But never fear — our friend and fellow Spartan, Zac Clark, was the one constant through the chaos. 

I guess if there’s anywhere to start, it's with the continuation of last week. We ended right before the rose ceremony during the cocktail party. Yosef was upset about the group date that happened the previous day and confronted Clare. You can guess that didn’t go very well and even ended with him GOING HOME! You know what that means right…? One more rose for our Zac! 

Speaking of roses, did I mention that Zac C. received the second rose of the night? When asked if he would accept the rose, Zac responded “100 percent.” That’s the energy we’ve been needing all 2020, Zac.


Later in the episode, there is a group date, but Zac isn’t invited along. We can’t have it all! But let me make one thing clear, there are no words for this group date. To make a long story short: Dale. Clare has eyes only for Dale, and the other guys on the date are left wondering why they are still there.

Following this disaster group date, Clare has a one-on-one date with the other Zach, Zach J. (truly tragic) However, this date doesn’t go particularly well after some truly cringey moments, and ends with Zach J. heading home. Our Zac C. has officially conquered all the other Zac(h)s!

During this date, though, we got some good air time with our guy! Clare’s connection with Dale is pretty clear to the other men, leaving Zac to question whether they had been in contact prior to the show, saying “I don’t know what the truth is.” We don’t know either, Zac — but we appreciate you trying to figure it out for us. 


Next up, we have another group date, and Zac is invited! Huzzah! This group date was almost set up to fail, as the guys were prompted to roast each other. However, most of the roasts ended up revolving around Dale. In case you were wondering, yes, Zac did look great in the tuxedo and yes, indeed made me laugh. 

The cocktail party afterward ends up once again revolving around Dale, leaving our pal Zac to mention, “It was almost like Gossip Girl, trying to figure out what was really going on.” We are right there with you Zac. XOXO, Sophie. 

The date ends with Clare not giving out the date rose, and leads into the preview for next week’s episode...and Oh. My. Heavens. 

Finally, we got confirmation that Tayshia is coming, leaving us to wonder what this means for our sweet tropical fish, Zac C. I can’t wait to see where this takes us and our Spartan!

About the Author

Sophie Barnes - Black and White Headshot

Sophie Barnes is a current junior at YCP, studying English with minors in marketing and French. She is also the Alumni Relations Marketing and Communications Intern and has been involved in the alumni office in a variety of ways through her time at York through the Spartanation Road Crew program and the Student Alumni Council. 

Sophie is a fan of all things Bachelor Nation, especially Bachelor in Paradise. When she’s not in class or watching the Bachelor, Sophie enjoys reading, watching movies, or spending time with her parents, brother, and friends.