Spring on the York College campus

Kevin Jablon '96

Founder - Spartan Surfaces
The best advice I ever received was from my mother. I was a pretty active kid who always seemed to find trouble. My mom would always say, “Boring is good! Can’t you just be boring for a day?” Now as a CEO of a growing company my bored days where I can brainstorm and get creative with my thoughts are my best and most productive days. Mom always knows best.

Kevin Jablon is a 1996 graduate with a degree in Management.  While attending York College, Kevin loved everything that York had to offer, from Greek life to relaxing at Murph's Study Hall. It’s where he met his now wife, Tricia (Ruff) Jablon ’94, and three of his best friends, Dave Cipalla ’95, Anthony Ferrante ’95, and Chuck Schillaci ’94, all of whom are now instrumental parts of his business.

After graduating from York College, Jablon worked for a Japanese company where he quickly became familiar with standard business hierarchy and culture. He was never completely satisfied and always felt that he could do more. 

When Kevin Jablon founded Spartan Surfaces in January of 2007, he named the company after his alma mater, York College of Pennsylvania. The Spartans! Kevin founded Spartan Surfaces on the principles of building strong relationships, providing excellent customer service, and having tremendous company culture. By sticking to these principles, Jablon was able to build his dream business in Spartan. A business that truly takes a human centered approach, Spartan Surfaces lives by the mantra, “WE Over ME”. 

Kevin continues to speak to students at York and we recently hosted several business majors at Spartan Surfaces where Kevin gave his inspiring story of life before college, during and the success after. He continues to donate and recently donated to the Spartan Advance Fund on behalf of his family. With his oldest son attending YCP, his wife Tricia (a '94 York graduate) and family continue to support the school and cheer their son, Dylan, on the soccer field.

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What is your greatest accomplishment?

My greatest achievement has been one big balancing act. Helping my wife raise four beautiful children, starting Spartan Surfaces in 2007, and selling the business to a public company in 2021. I couldn't have had any success without the tremendous support of my village - parents, in-laws, kids, and especially my wife. She has been the rock of our family and allowed me to chase my professional dreams while she did an incredible job being the CEO of our family. 

How did York College help you get to where you are today?

YCP is a huge part of who I am today. Obviously, my experience at York was amazing because I named my company after York - Spartan Surfaces.  I met my wife, Tricia, at York. I work with three of my best friends - Dave Cipalla, Chuck Schillaci and Anthony Ferrante - all of whom I met in the Manor North dorm freshman year. My oldest son plays soccer at York. I learned grittiness, humility, and how not to take myself too seriously from my experience at York College. I am forever grateful to be a Spartan. 

What/Who was your favorite course/professor at York College?

My favorite course at York College was Personal Selling. I wish I could remember the name of the professor, but I really enjoyed the class. At the time, there was only one or two Rita’s Water Ice locations in Philadelphia and my presentation was about franchising Rita’s around the country. The owners of Rita’s must have been thinking the same thing.

What did you enjoy the most about your chosen career?

In my mind, I have never really been in the flooring business, we are in the people business. I love leading, learning, winning, and failing with my team. I get so much joy from seeing team members achieve their professional and personal dreams.

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Outside of family and friends, I love golf, Philly sports, and spicy food.

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