Spring on the York College campus

Colbe Herr '14

Program Manager - Client Experience for SeatGeek
Bill Brand (Former Carnival Cruises CRO) said to me "It's unbelievable how important it is for your growth and development as a leader to be able to step up and give back to others - your time, your treasures, etc. - these acts will expose you to different cultures, new networks of people and ultimately make you a better person. "From that moment forward, I decided to make a change and over the last 4 years. I've made significant strides and it's paid dividends already."

Colbe Herr is a 2014 graduate with a degree in Sport Management. Colbe currently serves as the Program Manager - Client Experience for SeatGeek. While at York, Colbe was a member of the baseball team earning the title of All American in 2014. Colbe is actively involved with York College even while living in Florida.

A Sport Management major with minors in Business Administration and Applied Youth Development, Colbe has served businesses and community organizations as a baseball program manager running operations of a multimillion-dollar baseball business and sponsorship activation manager in which he empowers stakeholders to enhance sponsorship promotion. These have included the IMG Academy, SWEAT440, and SeatGeek, a mobile-focused ticket platform for sporting and concert events. In his community in Florida, he has served on the Manatee County Chamber of Young Professionals and on the board of directors of a local country club, including Vice Chair of events and programs. He serves as Vice President of his community association and volunteers for Habitat for Humanity. And, entering his fourth year as assistant head coach of varsity baseball for St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, Colbe has been a pillar in the community mentoring young athletes.

Finally, he was recognized as the Manatee Young Professional of the Year award (2023). In service to York College as an alumnus, Colbe contributes financially each year, serves on the Alumni Board of Directors, previously served on the Young Alumni Council Executive Board, mentors members of the York College Sport Management program, and recruits young college-bound individuals for possible interest in York College. Having returned to campus on many occasions since graduation, Colbe maintains a collegial interaction with the Sport Management leadership and the York College baseball team.

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What is your greatest accomplishment?

Being nominated for several awards during/after undergrad is great and all, but impacting two young professionals and hopefully many more in the future with York College's Sport Management Mentorship program has been unbelievably humbling and rewarding.

How did York College help you get to where you are today?

York College Sport Management prepared me with detailed, structured, and passion-driven coursework paired with the Baseball team led by Paul Saikia and Mike Scappa that instilled hard work, dedication, perseverance, and loyalty. All of these characteristics are a part of me today. My teammates and classmates also pushed me to the limits where success is earned.

What/Who was your favorite course/professor at York College?

Tough call here! Dr. K (SPM), Molly Sauder, Chip Kauffman, Steve Loser - plenty to choose from! 

What did you enjoy the most about your chosen career?

How small the sports and entertainment world is, the connections I've made throughout the years, and the places/experiences I have been as a result of the last 10 years.

Spartan Snapshots

Not in any particular order! I love to travel both in the U.S. and outside (have been to five countries in the last four years and many states), MLB Ballpark list is going to expand now being a part of SeatGeek (I'm 1/4 of the way there), living in Florida means I had to pick up golf, I started a home-watching business for Snowbirds (people that flock to FL in the winter) called Snowbird Security Co LLC. I sit on several boards across the community and love the impact/connections I’ve made. I have too many houseplants, love to shoot photography (usually when traveling), and have a significant interest in being a healthier, more active person each day.

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