Mail Services

Kings Mill Depot where the J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship is located

Mail Services

Mail Services coordinates efforts with the United States Postal Service (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS), and Fed Ex to provide mail and package services for our students, faculty, staff, and administrators on campus.

Our York College mail facilities are located on the Main, West, and North Campuses. Want to send something to campus? Use these addresses:

Residence Hall

York College of Pennsylvania
Attn: (Student's Name)
(Name of Residence Hall), Box #
441 Country Club Road
York, PA 17403-3651

General Campus

York College of Pennsylvania
Attn: (Recipient's Name)
Building, Room #
441 Country Club Road
York, PA 17403-3651

An example of what a Flex Card looks like.

Need to Send Money?

We highly advise against sending cash in the mail to your student. Try adding money to the student's Flex Card or send money online!

Frequently Asked Questions

A guide to what's available to meet your mailing needs.

Mail Services provides many of the services offered by the USPS, UPS, and Fed Ex. Mailing letters, sending packages, and purchasing postage can be completed at any of the mail centers. Please note that the only mail center accepting cash for payment is the Kings Mill Depot Mail Center. For your convenience, you may use your Flex card at all mail centers to pay for postage. 

When a package is delivered by USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, etc.; an email message from will be sent to your YCP email account. Please allow 24 hours to expire between notification from the package carrier and notification from Bring your YCP student ID with you when picking up packages.

If you do not receive an email from Mail Services within 24 hours (excluding weekends, holidays, and non-business days), contact us at and include the package tracking number. 

For student packages, there are four mail centers used for package pick up. The mail center location will depend on which residence hall or campus house you reside in.

Manor Northeast Mail Center

Manor South

Manor North

Manor West

Manor East

Manor Northeast

Springdale House

Keiffer House

Curry House

Wenger House

Arnold House

Susquehanna Hall Mail Center

Beard Hall

Penn Hall

Evergreen Hall

Laurel Hall

Willow Hall

Codorus Hall

Susquehanna Hall

Newberry House

Pershing House

Springettsbury Hall

West Campus Community Center Mail Center

Country Club Manor Apts

Spring Garden Apts

Brockie Commons

Richland Hall

Little Run Lodge

Northside Commons Mail Center

Northside Commons

Tyler Run Apts (Tyler I, II, III or 360, 380)

If you are unable to pick up your package during the regular hours of your residence hall mail center, please send an email to to make arrangements for an alternative means of picking up your package.

Mail Services is not open over the weekend, therefore we do not accept deliveries over the weekend. We will receive the package in our delivery on the following business day (typically a Monday unless there is a holiday/closure). If you get a tracking notification during the weekend and do not receive a package notification email from by the second business day, please notify us and include the tracking number for the package.

If you are sending a student flowers, perishable foods, or similar items that are hand delivered, please use the York College delivery address.

York College of Pennsylvania

Student Name and Residence Hall Name

410 Kings Mill Road

York PA 17401

Mail Services provides all the international mailing and shipping services offered by USPS, UPS, and Fed Ex. If you need to purchase international postage, you may do so at one of the mail centers. If you need to ship a package internationally, we request that you visit the Kings Mill Depot Mail Center as customs forms will need to be completed.

All students living in a campus residence hall will have an assigned mailbox. The key is provided by the Residence Life Staff during check-in. Mail Services does not notify students when there is mail and small packages placed into the mailbox. We encourage students to check their mailbox a minimum of once a week.

If mail is found in the mailbox that does not belong to you; please return to one of the campus mail centers as soon as possible.

If you have trouble with your mailbox lock or key, please notify the Residence Life Office at or 717.815.1281. 

The majority of the residence halls on campus have mailboxes within the lobbies of the buildings. However, there are some variations in the locations of mailboxes. Please see the listing below to find the mailbox location for your on-campus residence.

Manor South Lobby - mailboxes for Manor South, East, and West

Manor North Lobby - mailboxes for Manor North

Manor Northeast Lobby - mailboxes for Manor Northeast Lobby

Beard Hall Lobby - mailboxes for Beard Hall

Penn Hall Lobby - mailboxes for Penn, Evergreen, Laurel, and Willow Halls

Susquehanna Laundry/Mail Center area - mailboxes for Susquehanna and Codorus Halls

Northside Commons east hallway off the lobby - mailboxes for Northside Commons

Tyler Run Apts. Laundry/Mail area - mailboxes for Tyler I, II, and III

West Campus Community Center lower level lobby - mailboxes for all West Campus housing

On-Campus Houses - mail will be delivered directly to the house via mailbox or mail slot 

Students are provided their mailbox number during the designated move-in time. If you want to send mail or packages ahead of time and do not know the mailbox number; please address with student's name and the residence hall name. When the item is received, staff will look up the student's mailbox number and write it on the mail item. If your student moves during the school year, a new mailbox number will be assigned. However, Mail Services staff verifies mailbox numbers to decrease the chance of placing mail and packages in the incorrect area for pickup.

Please report any lost, broken, or non-working mailbox keys or mailbox locks to the Residence Life Office. They will address any mailbox keys and lock issues.  

If you have any problems or have a complaint about the mail system, please contact the Director at 717.815.1476.

Contact Us

Mail Services

Angela Staples, Director of Print and Mail Services
Kings Mill Depot, Room 137
Phone: 717.815.1476
Main number: 717.815.6546

Locations, Hours, and Phone Numbers 

Main Campus
Manor Northeast: Located in the lobby by the Campus Safety Office
Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. | 717.815.1564 
Susquehanna: Located in the mailroom/laundry area
Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. | 717.815.6640 

West Campus
Located in the lower level lobby of West Campus Community Center
Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. | 717.814.6369 

North Campus
Kings Mill Depot: Located at 410 Kings Mill Rd, York, PA 17401
Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. | 717.815.6546 
Northside Commons: Located in the east hallway off the lobby
Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. | 717.815.1563