June 12, 2023

Landscaper and Conservationist Laurie Crawford ’00

By Emma Simpson '23
2 Minutes

Laurie Crawford graduated from York College in 2000 with a major in Recreation. She owns her own landscaping company, Mae Marie Organics, and works as a full-time project manager at Penn State College of Medicine. She is also studying for a Master's degree in Project Management. On top of this, Crawford also runs a nonprofit organization that recycles bicycles to give back to her Lebanon community while also managing a grant building community garden and establishing farmers' markets.

Crawford enjoys the creativity of being a landscaper and getting to bring clients’ visions to life.

“My favorite part,” she says, “is meeting with clients, sharing ideas, teaching them about native plants, and designing the landscape.” According to Crawford, each client has their own vision and has colors and plants that they want to incorporate into their gardens while caring for the planet and encouraging pollinators. Some of the gardens are designed just to attract certain butterflies and bees, others to rebuild mini forest systems, and still, others to mitigate stormwater. She says, “Each project is as unique and interesting as the clients themselves.”

After YCP, Crawford found passion in unforeseen places. “When I finished my degree at York College,” she explains, “I wanted to work in Therapeutic Recreation in a hospital system. There were few jobs, and I ended up working with the senior population.” After a decade of raising her children and working on a variety of projects, she finally found a job that utilizes her education, ignites her passion, and supports her family.

“I enjoyed attending York College,” Crawford says, “it was an amazing place to learn and grow.” Over the past 20 years, she knows that her experience at YCP, the classes, and the professors made an impact on her life. “Now, in all my current endeavors, I know that YCP and my experiences helped to make my life successful.”

When not working one of her many jobs, Crawford enjoys various hobbies and activities.

She says, “When I am not at work, I am usually studying, working in my business, fixing bikes, and hanging with my kids. Other days I enjoy working in my garden, riding my bike, hiking and being in nature, and cooking with farm-fresh ingredients. That is what feeds my soul.”