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York College's chapter of the Order of Engineer inducts new members

April 27, 2022
electrical engineering students hands-on

Fifty-two Engineering seniors, 13 recent Engineering alumni, five Engineering faculty members, and three engineers from local industry were inducted into York College’s chapter of the Order of the Engineer on March 30. The event was sponsored by the Engineering Society of York.

York College was recently given a charter as a "Link" (local chapter) of the Order of the Engineer. According to the organization’s website, the Order is not a membership organization; instead, the Order fosters a unity of purpose and the honoring of one’s pledge lifelong. The Obligation is a creed similar to the oath attributed to Hippocrates (460 to 377 B.C.) that is generally taken by medical graduates and sets forth an ethical code. The Obligation likewise contains parts of the Canon of Ethics of major engineering societies. Initiates, as they accept it voluntarily, pledge to uphold the standards and dignity of the engineering profession and to serve humanity by making the best use of Earth’s precious wealth. 

As a symbol of their commitment to their obligation, members wear a stainless steel ring on the firth finger of their working hand to remind them of their responsibility to society and ethical requirements as they do the design and detailed work of engineering. Rings for the senior Engineering majors were provided by the Engineering Society of York. 

The York College Link was established by Scott Hamilton, Professor of Civil Engineering, who also created and conducted the ceremony. Josh Wyrick, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering; and Ashley Earle Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, both already members, assisted with the ceremony.

“Having a Link at York College helps to recognize our role in the area with producing engineers as well our connections with the local and regional engineering industry,” said Hamilton. “The Order is focused on integrity and social responsibility, which is essential to the profession of engineering. It also serves as just another connection to the larger engineering profession in our country. In addition, this gives us another opportunity each year to connect with our engineering alumni and local engineers.”