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Admissions Guidelines


Whether you’re applying to York as a Regular Decision or Early Decision* applicant, without a test score, supporting documentation becomes very important. Therefore, in addition to your completed application, we’re asking that you submit the following items:

  • Official high school transcripts, including your senior class schedule.
  • At least one letter of recommendation from a high school junior or senior year teacher. Recommendations from English, math, science, foreign language, or history teachers are preferable.**
  • A letter of recommendation from your school counselor.
  • An essay or written personal statement of 250 to 650 words responding to one of the prompts below.***
    • Describe a class that was particularly challenging for you and what you did to meet that challenge. Describe, in detail, the subject matter. Consider the actions you took to be successful in that class.
    • Describe, in detail, a class that engaged your imagination. What did you like most about that class?
    • Describe the ways in which you believe college course work will be different from high school. Include the steps that you will take to remain on track for success in a college environment.
  • For certain applicants, an interview with the York College Admissions Office may be requested.

*In addition to the above mentioned items, Early Decision Applicants will also be asked to complete the electronic Early Decision agreement.

**Engineering applicants should choose at least one math teacher. Nursing and Health Professions applicants should choose a science or math teacher.

***If applying through the Common Application we will honor writing samples supplied through that process.

If you have questions, please reach out to your admissions counselor or send us an email at admissions@ycp.edu.

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