Two students sing into microphones in the music recording studio.

York Music Group

Showcasing and producing the best music in York, Pennsylvania — right here at York College.

A student works at a recording studio soundboard.

Quality Audio and Professional Services

York Music Group (YMG) supports a vivid and lively local music scene in York County, Pennsylvania. Our state-of-the-art recording studio offers professional-level production capabilities on the York College campus.

Under the YMP umbrella, York College students may also participate with a student-led record label, York Volume, or our event planning and production arm, York Live.

YMG Services and Facilities

York Volume

York Volume is the record label for York Music Group. As a student-run organization, York Volume is a training ground for students. As both scholars and practitioners, student-learners are involved in all aspects of record label operations, helping them gain marketable experience.

York Live

Focusing on event planning and promotion, York Live’s role in the York Music Group is to offer real-world experience to students looking to become involved in the concert industry. From artist booking to concert production, students will plan, promote, produce, and manage concerts throughout York, PA and beyond.  

If you need entertainment for your event, York Live offers competitive prices ranging from artist booking to live sound reinforcement and stage management.  Members of York Live are students at York College of PA, who receive a comprehensive education on all aspects of the music industry.

YCP Studios

The recording studio of the York Music Group, YCP Studios are professional spaces that offer audio recording and production services on the campus of York College of Pennsylvania in York, Pennsylvania.

The recording studio and mixing suite use cutting-edge technology to record and mix an artist’s work. Offering quality products at a competitive price, our facility also functions as a classroom to teach students enrolled in York College's Music Industry and Recording Technology and Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship programs.

112 Music

112 Music is the name given to all copyrighted music affiliated with YCP Records and the name of the entity tasked with drafting all contracts associated with York Music Group.  While its main task is to market and license all YCP Records copyrighted materials, 112 Music plays a role in the process of contractual negotiations for songwriters signed to YCP Records.

The members of 112 Music also gain experiencing in marketing, as one of their primary goals is to license music copyrighted under 112 Music to local and regional businesses or groups.

Music Industry Student Association

As York College's longest running music-based student group, the Music Industry Student Association's (MISA) goal is to emphasize the importance of networking and professionalism in the ever-changing music industry. 

Through panel discussions and master classes with industry professionals on campus, as well as attending local and national music conferences, MISA, our local chapter of the national organization, is the perfect group for students looking to graduate with the network of an experienced professional prepared to begin their career in the music industry.