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Intelligence Analysis Alumna Becomes New Jersey State Trooper

A YCP alumnus playing lacrosse

Alexis Hart ’20 learned how to be a team player at York College of Pennsylvania. She carries that mentality with her into her work in law enforcement.

Alexis Hart ’20 knows the value of a team. When she decided to attend York College of Pennsylvania, she knew she also wanted to play lacrosse. Playing on the team, she says, is a lot more than just enjoying a sport she loves. It’s about pushing herself and her teammates. It’s about continuing to give back to an organization that gave so much to her.

Her heart for teamwork beats on today as a Trooper with the New Jersey State Police. When Hart graduated with her degree in Intelligence Analysis, she saw how an understanding of criminal justice combined with international law would help her stand out.

That spirit of teamwork transpires through everything she does. “It’s really part of who I am,” she says. “York College taught me that well. To be a leader is to be a team player. I don’t know any other way.”

A complementary skillset

Hart is great at time management. She gets along well with others. She has a mental stamina that helps her get through tough situations. All of these things she learned by playing lacrosse. All of these things are applicable to a career in Intelligence Analysis.

She saw her time as a lacrosse player, and even as team captain, as another way of preparing herself for her future career. Even after graduation, she’s found time to keep in touch with the lacrosse team. Hart recently spoke to the team via Zoom, sharing her experience and mentoring students on how to apply those very principles to their own lives.

“Lacrosse instilled in me a lot of the skills I use today,” she says. “It can be really valuable, especially once you see the long-term impact of those skills.”

Hart entered the New Jersey State Police Academy on November 2, 2020. She graduated March 17, 2021, and went to work right away. As a state trooper, she works 12-hour shifts doing most of what she calls “community policing.”

In a lot of cases, she’s not only answering calls for help—she’s trying to get to know people in the communities she serves. She wants to make a difference in their lives and be part of a team effort to make a difference.

“I might see someone on their worst day,” she says. “I have an opportunity to make their day a little better, or to be a resource to support them, no matter what they may be going through.”

Recognition for her efforts

Being recognized as a Spartan of the Year recently was unexpected for Hart.

She has stayed connected with the College and the lacrosse team because she felt her experience helped her grow. She recognizes the many situations in which she refers back to lessons she learned at York College.

“I loved every minute of being at York College,” she says. “I became a person I’m really proud of.”