Electrical Engineering Student

Ronald Kaltreider, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D., Pharmacology and Toxicology Dartmouth College (2000)
  • B.S., Biology York College of Pennsylvania (1994)


  • Introduction to Molecular Biology and Laboratory
  • Genetics
  • Introduction to Scientific Research
  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Junior Thesis Senior Thesis

Research Interests

  • Understanding mechanisms and potential treatments for diabetes
  • Understanding mechanisms and potential treatments for cancer

Recent Publications

  • Wilson, K. and R.C. Kaltreider. Identifying and characterizing the role of a tryptophan hydroxylase (tph-1) gene homolog in C. elegans using siRNA knock-down. Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 83: 149, 2010.
  • Ihnat, M.A., Thorpe, J.E., Kamat, C.D., Szabo, C., Green, D.E., Warnke, L.A., Lacza, Z., Cselenyak, A., Ross, K., Shakir, S., Poconi, L., Kaltreider, R.C., and A. Ceriello. Reactive oxygen species mediate a cellular 'memory' of high glucose stress signaling. Diabetologia. 2007 Jul 50 (7):1523-31, 2007.
  • Ream, T. R., Halligan, K. and R. C. Kaltreider. Sulfanilamide derivatives effectiveness on growth inhibition of E. coli and S. aureus. Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 80: 123, 2007.

Professional Association

  • American Association for Cancer Research (Since 1998)
  • Member of the Committee for the Health Professionals
  • Pennsylvania Academy of Science (Since 2002)
  • Society of Toxicology (Since 1998)
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