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Nicole Cornell Sadowski, PhD


  • PhD, University of Oklahoma
  • MBA, University of Scranton
  • BS, University of Scranton

Research Interests

  • Economic Impact of Weather
  • Economic Development

Recent Publications

  • “Mitigation Motivated by Past Experience: Prior Hurricanes and Damages,” with Daniel Sutter, Ocean and Coastal Management, Volume 51: Issue 4 (2008)
  • “Hurricane Fatalities and Hurricane Damages: Are Safer Hurricanes More Damaging?” with Daniel Sutter, Southern Economic Journal (October 2005)
  • “Natural Hazards, Fatality Rates, and Societal Vulnerability,” with Daniel Sutter, Economics and Wind, B.T. Ewing and J.B. Kruse (eds.), Nova Science Publishing (2005)
  • “Crowding Out in New Orleans: Relief-Related Wage Effects on Investment?” – Mercatus Center, George Mason University (2008)
  • Kowarski, I. (2020, February 10). How Extracurriculars Affect MBA Admissions. U.S. News and World Report.