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Graham School of Business Connects Students, York College Alumni Mentors

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The Alumni-Student Mentorship Program bridges the gap between academic learning in the Business classroom and its real-world application.

Preparing York College of Pennsylvania students for successful careers is a key focus of the Graham School of Business. That is why Dr. Nick Delener, Dean of the Graham School, launched the Alumni-Student Mentorship Program, which pairs students with accomplished alumni, creates opportunities for students to enhance their leadership and networking skills, preparing them for their professional future. As mentors share their experiences, interests, and knowledge, mentees grow and meet the challenges of leadership.

One of the mentors in the program is Brian Biddulph-Krentar ’97, CEO of SchoolSims and a five-time CEO of mostly Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. Biddulph-Krentar majored in Management Information Systems. His passion for technology and problem-solving started in elementary school, when he would program games on a Tandy computer he had picked up at Radio Shack.

“I love to problem-solve and find better ways to do things more efficiently and effectively,” he says.

Throughout his career, Biddulph-Krentar has used that passion for solving problems to help others in their career journeys.

Supporting up-and-coming professionals

Recognizing that his success resulted in part from mentorship, Biddulph-Krentar decided to become a York College mentor to give back to the next generation of professionals. He wanted to provide guidance and be a sounding board for students about to start their careers, helping them navigate challenges and make informed decisions.

“Having someone to lean on and listen to you flesh out ideas out loud is very helpful,” he says. “Sometimes you know what you want to do, but it helps to talk it out and have someone simply listen. Other times you may want some advice or help in developing the pros and cons of a decision.”

Biddulph-Krentar has mentored two York College students at different stages of their higher education journeys. The first, Abigail Wurzbach ’23, who majored in Business Administration and minored in Not-For-Profit Management, was involved in campus life and was a Graham Collaborative Innovation Fellow* and Changemakers Senior Projects Coordinator.

Clarifying career decisions through mentorship

Wurzbach's upbringing in a family of entrepreneurs and her participation in the Graham Collaborative Innovation Fellows Program sparked her interest in the business world. Recognizing the importance of building a professional network, she decided to take advantage of the mentorship program to gain a "preparing for the workforce" perspective, she says.

Mentorship has had a profound impact on Wurzbach. Biddulph-Krentar provided guidance throughout her job search, helping her weed out irrelevant opportunities, prepare for interviews, and review her résumé. Even during a study-abroad semester in Paris, Wurzbach was able to connect with her mentor.

“Whether it is a personal or a professional mentor, you need someone with more knowledge and experience than you,” Wurzbach says. “You don't know it all, no matter how much you think you do.”

Shaping the future for students

A high point for Wurzbach was informing Biddulph-Krentar that she had landed a job at MANTEC, a nonprofit service provider that aids small and midsize manufacturers. She credits Biddulph-Krentar’s mentorship and advice for her success. Even since her graduation he offers advice and support, sharing his expertise in areas such as Salesforce, the cloud-based software that helps businesses connect with customers, and email marketing, both of which are crucial in Wurzbach's position at MANTEC.

Biddulph-Krentar continues to mentor Will Galasso ’25, a Cybersecurity Management major, as he works toward a career in developing and implementing cyberthreat detection, system security, and network security.

“Will is earlier in his college career, so I really feel I can help him,” Biddulph-Krentar says. “With both students, we created a model where we are accountable to each other, and we developed goals and an action plan to achieve those goals. That included creating résumés and online profiles.”

"The Graham School of Business mentorship ignited my cybersecurity journey, bridging academia and industry,” Will said. “Guided by Brian, I unearthed insights, honed decision-making, and connected with industry experts, propelling my career prospects. This experience reaffirms that seizing every chance, even in seemingly mundane moments, fuels growth. York College's fusion of technical prowess and business focus laid my foundation. My story underscores that readiness, not timing, shapes success."

The Alumni-Student Mentorship Program at York College’s Graham School of Business is shaping the future for students by connecting them with experienced mentors who can help them excel along their career trajectory. The impact of mentorship extends beyond York College, influencing career choices and personal development. By fostering strong relationships and empowering the next generation of leaders, the Alumni-Student Mentorship Program helps York College graduates enjoy a strong start in the business world and beyond.

Alumni interested in participating in the Program should contact Jerry Alberts, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, at or 717-815-1285.

*York College works with the Honors Community from day one to help them form their dreams into a personal mission, which is supported with financial and other assistance. They leave York College with a record of achievement that will gain the attention of employers, graduate schools, or others who provide entry into the next step in the extraordinary lives they imagine for themselves.