Spring on the York College campus

Tamara B. Schwartz, DBA


  • DBA, Temple University
  • MS, University of Dayton
  • BS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Research Interests

  • Information Warfare
  • Cybersecurity for Strategic Advantage
  • Ethical Artificial Intelligence
  • Gamified Business Models

Recent Publications

  • Schwartz, T. (2023). Coping with information warfare: Building information and disinformation literacy skills. Kendall Hunt.
  • Schwartz, T., Parada, J.I., Cohn, F., Wrenn, G., and Pearson, K. (2023). The next big strategic play: Cybersecurity as a competitive advantage. Journal of Information Systems Security. (Accepted, May 2023).
  • Jordahl, J., Schwartz, T., and Don, C. (2023). Unmasking blackbox AI for eyes to see: C4I must reveal the core data structures in 2023. 91st Military Operations Research Symposium, West Point, NY.
  • Schwartz, T. (2023). Teaching in the age of infowars: An exercise in disinformation literacy. Proceedings of the 22nd Mid-Atlantic Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Schwartz, T., McNeal, F., Cabarle, C. (2021). Cascade high organics: Entrepreneurial growth and strategy in the budding cannabis industry. SBC-21-0008, Washington, D.C.: Sage Publications Inc.