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YCP Alum Pursues Lifelong Love of Learning

Chris Staub in front of paintings

President and CEO of the Central California Blood Center Christopher Staub ’77 has always loved learning, even in subjects outside his field.

During his time at York College, Staub tried to learn all he could.

“When I was getting my degree at York, I wasn't satisfied to just take the core courses. I studied botany, music, history, art history—things that really were not necessary for my scientific bachelor’s degree,” Staub says. “But I was curious and interested in those things, and some of the professors at York College inspired me to try certain courses.”

Staub credits his professors with encouraging his pursuit of continual learning, especially retired professor Dr. Bruce Smith.

“I felt that they genuinely wanted me to expand my horizon and increase my awareness,” says Staub. “I have always done that since, trying to learn things that are beyond what's obviously necessary to do my day-to-day work.”

After graduating from York College with a B.S. in Medical Technology, Staub started his career at Polyclinic Medical Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He then transitioned to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Blood Bank in Philadelphia, working there for two years as the evening shift supervisor in the transfusion service before deciding to learn even more—attending graduate school at San Francisco State University and going on to become a specialist in blood banking.

This specialist training encouraged Staub to become a leader in a blood bank, working at various blood centers on the East Coast before becoming the President and CEO of the Central California Blood Center in Fresno, California, where he now works.

Staub has learned much about leadership since assuming the role.

“You have to have a vision, and the vision is based on what that organization needs and what you know you can do, and then you have to articulate that vision,” he explains. “You can't sugarcoat things. You need to be professional and tactful, but you also have to be very transparent and tell people the truth.” 

He credits YCP’s ability to teach students scientific methods and practices in the humanities.

“What I like about York College is that it’s a technical and humanities college, and I was able to take all those other courses,” Staub says. “So I was able to find success as a scientist, and with the inspirational guidance I received at York, I learned to think with the other side of my brain as well, enabling me to develop communication and leadership skills and a rich appreciation for business, economics, histories, arts and humanities.”

He advises current students to take all the opportunities they can and to work hard in their fields, and says if they work hard, they’ll succeed.

“The world looks like a scary place, but you're going to find your place in it. Take every opportunity to not only nail down a solid career for yourself, but be willing to try new experiences that may seem like they're not part of your core curriculum,” Staub says. “No matter what you choose to do, in 10 years, if you work hard, you could be at the top of that field.”