Spring on the York College campus

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Meet Robbie Bacon, Assistant Dean of Student Development and Campus Life

January 17, 2023
Robbie Bacon by the tyler run creek.

What do you find most rewarding about Student Development and Campus Life?

Helping students be successful is definitely the most rewarding part of my job. I would say that all students are on a learning journey, and everybody comes to York with dreams and aspirations. Any time that I'm able to offer support to a student and see them find success is very rewarding, and no two students’ journeys are alike. My staff supports them along the way so that they can be the best version of themselves while they're here and find success at York, and also get involved and be invested in the community inside and outside the classroom.

For you, what is the most rewarding thing about working with students?

Seeing them unlock their potential. Students sometimes need reassurance that they can achieve the goals that they have for themselves, and seeing them find success and reach a goal is very rewarding. We work closely with student leaders like the RA staff on campus, and many of them will have goals to get a certain internship with a company or to become teachers. And to work with them over the years…and see them go from having this goal to really achieving it is definitely the most rewarding part. This is a place where if you have goals that you want to achieve as a student, there are so many wonderful resources and people at the College who care about supporting you.

What is one of your biggest goals for your leadership in Campus Life?

I'm looking forward to making sure that students know that there are a lot of support resources available to them and that they may find themselves in a meeting with me needing support and not knowing quite what the next step should be. My goal is to help them find that next step and to work together to realize that whatever the next step is, it's a step toward success. I'm really excited about the opportunity to continue to serve at the College because it is a special place.