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Josh Dixon '18

Supply Chain Operations Management
“From day one, I knew YCP was meant for me by giving me endless opportunities to succeed academically and professionally.”

A certified EMT since his junior year of high school, Josh Dixon ’18 has never been one to shy away from responsibility. Although some initially doubted Dixon’s capacity to handle the pressure of being an EMT at such a young age, he quickly proved them wrong. During his first two years on the job, Dixon was twice named top responder by his local firehouse in Anne Arundel County, MD, and was recognized as the 2015 EMS Person of the Year.

Dixon currently acts as an EMT in two capacities. With the Orchard Beach Volunteer Fire Department, he responds to 911 calls as either the primary patient care provider or ambulance driver. Meanwhile, with Hart to Heart Ambulance LLC, he is the primary care provider to patients during their transport between hospitals and other medical care facilities. The standards are equally high for Dixon as a student as they are for him as an EMT.

A Supply Chain Operations Management major with hopes of one day being a supply chain analyst for a large company, Dixon takes his coursework very seriously. He also completed an intensive internship with his local Walmart during the summer of 2016. For three months, Dixon acted as an assistant manager, strategizing different ways to increase associate engagement and working alongside current Walmart managers to hone his customer service and management skills.

Dixon has also taken on the roles of Vice President of Enactus and building supervisor at the Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center in order to expand his management expertise and further prepare for what is sure to be a bright future.

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Written by Jennifer Hindley '17

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