Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Board

All investigators are encouraged to visit this site to make sure they have the most recent forms and documentation. 

All documents are dated based on their most recent revision date, and these dates are given below for ease of reference.

  • Faculty and Study Info

    Helpful guides and documents for faculty and students

    Faculty and students at York College who wish to engage in human subject research should seek approval from the College’s IRB (Institutional Review Board) before commencing research. Outside parties who wish to use York College students or employees as research subjects may also be asked to seek approval. 

    In most cases, the most convenient way to do this is by submitting an application to the IRB, but investigators who are uncertain whether they need to submit an application are encouraged to contact the IRB Chair for guidance. All investigators should consult the following documents, which describes the basic processes followed at York College.

    In addition, the documents available by clicking below will be of particular use to faculty supervising student research on human subjects, and for those students themselves. 

  • Application Forms

    Application Forms

    At present the following application forms are available. Investigators are encouraged to submit additional documentation as appropriate, for example informed consent documents, copies of surveys, or interview protocols. After you submit your application, you may be asked additional questions or we may request additional documentation.

    Most investigators will want to use the Social and Behavioral Research form.  The Evidence-Based Practice form was designed to meet the needs of our Doctor of Nurse Practitioner students, but may be useful for other investigators as well. The standard methods of IRB review are less appropriate for some types of human subject research (some styles of ethnographic research, for example), but investigators are encouraged to use the form most appropriate to their needs with the understanding that some additional discussion with the Board may be necessary in certain cases. 

  • Need help?

    We're glad to help you with this process

    If you need information about nonhuman research subjects, learn more about the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.


    Dr. Samantha Deffler Chair, Institutional Review Board 717.815.2280