Spring on the York College campus

Spartan Speaks

A series of conversations with York College's faculty experts.

What better way to get to know a college than through the research of faculty who are teaching its students? Prospective students and families, as well as local community members, will have an opportunity to learn more about timely, thought-provoking topics through Spartan Speaks, an online series of talks presented by York College.

Spartan Speaks bridges the gap between the York College classroom and real-world experiences. Each episode will dive deep into different real-life scenarios for a chance to expand your knowledge and explore new horizons.

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Inside the COVID Unit
Inside the COVID Unit at York Hospital: How the Pandemic has Changed the ICU's "Business as Usual"
Recording Now Available
Speakers: Colby Hartlaub, Kelli Masters, Stacy Lutter
Reflecting on the 2020 Election
Reflecting on the 2020 Presidential Election
Recording now available
Speakers: Peter Levy, Sung Wook Paik, Jacqueline Beatty
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence, Creative Machines, and the Future of Education
Recording now available
Speaker: Josh DeSantis
Nursing: Combining hands-on care, technology, critical thinking, and compassion to promote health and healing
Recording Now Available
Speakers: Patty Myers & Rod Grim
Are We Alone in the Universe?
Are we alone in the Universe?
Recording Now Available
Speaker: Drew Wilkerson
Cryptology: The Greatest Application of Mathematics
Recording Now Available
Speaker: Craig Bauer
NFL Football
NFL Football: Fantasy, the Draft, and the Games - It's all about the Numbers!
Recording now available
Speaker: Wei Chen
James Bond
James Bond: Stopping terrorist plots and avoiding financial disasters
Recording Now Available
Speaker: Jim Forjan
Climate Change
Climate Change: Peril and Promise
Recording Now Available
Speaker: Greg Foy
Should criminals be branded for life?
Should criminals be branded for life? The Effects of Being Labeled a Deviant
Recording Now Available
Speaker: PJ Verrecchia
Is lying in medicine okay?
Is lying in medicine okay?
Recording Now Available
Speaker: Rory Kraft
How to get the most out of your travel experiences
How to get the most out of your travel experiences
Recording Now Available
Speaker: Fred Becker
Words matter
Words matter. How to communicate clearly in a time of crisis.
Recording Now Available
Speakers: Gabe Cutrufello, Mike Zerbe, Craig Do'Vidio, Jeff Schiffman
Sports Fans
Sports Fans, are we really just rooting for the clothes?
Recording Now Available
Speaker: Mike Mudrick
Why does Russia know more about you than you do?
Why does Russia know more about you than you do? Are you cyber-secure?
Recording Now Available
Speaker: James Norrie
We all live downstream
We All Live Downstream
Recording Now Available
Speakers: Josh Wyrick, Alison Kennicutt, Bridgette Hagerty
On the Other Side of the Hospital Curtain
On the other side of the hospital curtain: your doctor needs the knowledge and expertise of many other healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat you!
Thurs., Apr. 15, 6:30 p.m.
Speakers: Bobbi Patton & Tony Ruppert
Get Rich
Get rich - you don't just play the stock market, learn the inside scoop!
Recording Now Available
Speaker: Pawan Madhogarhia