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York College student helps hometown bloom during YCEA internship

September 26, 2018
Bryce Kruger '18, public relations major
Bryce Kruger's a York College of Pennsylvania student in the middle of an internship at the York County Economic Alliance. As a lifelong resident of York and graduate of William Penn Senior High School, Bryce says he’s developed a deep kinship with his hometown. "I see myself staying in the York area and helping guide that change in the future.” (Our York Media)

Bryce Kruger’s the kind of guy some might call a real go-getter: always on time and sharply dressed, prompt to follow up after meetings, a real team player.  

He’s a people-person, for sure, and isn’t the type of worker who likes sitting inside a cubicle all day. 

“I just need to get out of the office sometimes,” he says. “I shake people’s hands – that’s what I do.” 

At work, a superior praises his thoughtful approach to marketing and strategy, skills that play well into his current role at the York County Economic Alliance.  

“Whether he’s presenting to our senior team, or speaking at a press conference, or writing an op-ed, his talent just blows me away,” says Katie Mahoney, VP of Marketing and Communications at YCEA. “I sometimes forget he’s still in college.”  

Guiding change

That’s right: Bryce, isn’t actually an employee of the YCEA; he’s a York College of Pennsylvania student in the middle of an internship  

As a lifelong resident of York and graduate of William Penn Senior High School, Bryce says he’s developed a deep kinship with his hometown.  

“What’s kept me here – instead of leaving the area – has been the changes that I’ve seen,” he says. “I’m passionate about the city. I see myself staying in the York area and helping guide that change in the future.”  

His internship at the YCEA will give him an early crack at it.

Helping York bloom 

This year, the YCEA created a new micro-grant and charged the newly formed group of interns with developing a program to help kick-start a small project for a local business.  

“We decided to empower this year’s interns to work together as a group, as their own department,” Katie says.  

The team immediately went about creating the criteria for candidates and thinking up a name for the program.  

“We developed everything, from the ground up,” Bryce says. “Candidates had to be a YCEA member with fewer than 100 employees, and they had to be able to show that their initiative would positively impact the York community.”  

That part, Bryce says, was essential, especially to him: whatever the business was asking for, it needed to benefit the city.  

“That’s where the YoCo Bloom name comes from,” Bryce says, “helping York County bloom.” 

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