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York College joins partnership in Group Violence Intervention Prosecution and Diversion Project

October 22, 2019
Pamela Gunter-Smith speaks at the press conference.

York College has partnered with The York County District Attorney’s Office (YCDA), York City Police Department (YCPD), and The York County Human Services Family Unit (FEC) to become a part of the Group Violence Intervention (GVI) Prosecution and Diversion Project. 

Through a grant, procured by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, this partnership will address the common goal of sustainable reductions in violent group crimes in York City.

York College will assist YCDA in the research component by collecting and analyzing project data to provide real-time, action-based strategy modification recommendations. Faculty and staff will use evidence-based models and statistical packages to perform project activities. 

These activities will culminate in the production of a final report that will potentially prove or refute the success of the ongoing efforts by YCPD and the GVI prosecutors. A successful outcome will result in the potential sharing and replication of the efforts throughout the Commonwealth and the Country.

To learn more about this project visit www.yorkcountypa.gov.