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York College Incubator Company Connects Education and Industry

August 28, 2020
Noble Space logo - wordmark with the letter o stylized to look like a globe with a crown on top

Teachers already have an exceptional amount of responsibility, and when it comes to networking, there typically isn’t enough time in the day. Noble Space, a company that recently acquired space in York College's J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship business incubator, plans to change that.  

“Noble Space is thrilled to begin our collaboration with the J.D. Brown Center,” said founder and educator Erin Lapore, M.Ed.Psy. “We view the Center as a valued partner and the perfect conduit to access high-quality local resources.” 

Through their technology platform, the early-stage startup is on a mission to empower professionals in education, allowing them to expand their social capital through brand development, networking opportunities, and business connections. 

“The potential of building a networking community around a member base of educators results in an invaluable resource not just for the educator,” said Lapore, “but for the hundreds, sometimes thousands, of students who look to the educator for mentorship and career connections.” 

Lapore and her team are looking forward to working with the talent that York College students offer and hope to provide internships in the areas of computer programming and web design, education, business, and journalism. 

“Ventures like Noble Space are especially interesting because they are able to attract students from a variety of disciplines and offer a unique experience,” said Oscar Winters, associate director of the J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship. “And considering that Erin’s business partner is Rob Donatelli, M.Ed., a local educator and York College alum, the students will get a well-rounded internship.”