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York College introduces Spartan Speaks, an online series of 18 talks on timely, thought-provoking topics

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You’ve heard of Ted Talks with its wide range of interesting subjects and guest speakers. Now get ready for Spartan Speaks and a chance to expand your knowledge and explore new horizons!

Prospective students and families, as well as local community members, will have an opportunity to hear about timely and relevant topics through Spartan Speaks, an online series of 18 talks by York College faculty. Listening to our professors is a great way to learn more about the College and discover their approach to learning. Events are free and will take place at 6:30 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday from February 18 to April 20.

Subjects are diverse and range from “NFL Football: Fantasy, the Draft, and the Games: It’s All About the Numbers!” to “Why Does Russia Know More About You Than You Do? Are You Cybersecure?”

Enjoy a variety of intriguing topics

The opening talk on February 18, “Live from York Hospital,” will be an eye-opener for many who have wondered what it is like to work in the intensive care unit during the pandemic. Colby Hartlaub ’14, who has two degrees from York College, including a Nursing degree, will take you on an unforgettable virtual tour. It’s never “business as usual” in a hospital’s intensive care unit and he gives an inside view of frontline workers and their heroism. Graduates from York College’s prestigious Nursing program are proud of being extremely well prepared for their careers in healthcare.

How prepared are you to believe there’s life on other planets? Have you ever wondered if we’re not alone? Drew Wilkerson, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, certainly has. In his talk on March 4, “Are We Alone in the Universe? Is there life on other planets?” he asks what secrets the universe might hold. Only future exploration and discoveries will reveal the possibility of life beyond earth, but in the meantime, it is intriguing to consider possibilities. York College Engineering students in our dynamic Kinsley School of Engineering, Sciences and Technology get plenty of hands-on experience where they get to “think outside the box” and explore possibilities.

On April 1 (no joke, we promise!) a panel composed of Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Composition Gabriel Cutrufello, Professor of English Mike Zerbe, Instructor of Mass Communication Craig DoVidio, and Lecturer in Communication Jeff Schiffman, debates how to communicate clearly in times of crisis as well as during calmer periods. Some topics, such as science, are complex yet need to be explained using everyday language. All our students, no matter which field they study, learn the value of choosing their words carefully.

The conversations continue into April, when Alison Kennicutt, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering; Josh Wyrick, Assistant Professor of Civil and Mechanical Engineering; and Bridgette Hagerty, Associate Professor of Biology, host "We All Live Downstream," a discussion about the impact of human interaction on streams and natural water sources. 

Faculty who care. Communities that collaborate.

No matter the topic, this spring's Spartan Speaks events illustrate the dedication of our faculty to quality teaching and student success. Additional information, including links to required registration forms, is available at ycp.edu/SpartanSpeaks.


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