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York College students develop startup ideas in just three days

March 12, 2018
York College Spartan Startup

The Spartan Start Up, an international non-profit organization, is designed to teach students how to start a company in just one short weekend. 

This event brought together students from various backgrounds, alumni and industry professionals to conceptualize, research and by Sunday evening pitch their ideas. 

Written by YDR: 

The workshop, built on the 3DS (3-Day Startup) model, was facilitated by Sandra Spencer, and it brought students and community members together to create business ideas that could actually come to fruition. The 3DS program has resulted in 135 startups nationally and internationally.

At York College, four teams went through the grueling, speedy process and gave final pitches to a panel Sunday.

In addition to Connectant:

  • The Motion Music team hopes to develop cordless headphones that allow users to control volume and other functions with simple hand motions.
  • The Raised by Titans team seeks to build a platform that helps share the untold success stories of communities such as York.
  • The Epicenter team wants to help businesses in York and elsewhere attract and grow more diverse customer bases.

To read the full story and view a student pitch, click here.

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