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York College Adds Cyber Safety Course

February 24, 2017
James Norrie

A new program for the Graham School of Business in Fall of 2017 is Cybersecurity Management. The field of cybersecurity management is where criminology, criminal justice and computer science meet. James Norrie shares his insight on this new and innovative program. 

written by York Dispatch:

In a world of Russian hackers, credit-card theft and other online scams, cybersecurity has never been a more relevant topic.

That's why James Norrie, dean of York College's Graham School of Business, created a new cybersecurity management major for the campus. Norrie has a background in cybersecurity, and its the subject he typically teaches on campus. He found the college already had the necessary courses in place to support the new major, making it an easy addition.

Aside from the major being a very important field globally, Norrie said, there's a lot of demand for people with backgrounds in cybersecurity management.

"You can't graduate enough talent in cybersecurity right now," he said.

Students who major in cybersecurity management will receive an interdisciplinary education, taking classes in varied subjects, according to Norrie. The major requires courses in technology but also in sciences such as sociology, criminology, psychology, intelligence analysis and law.

The subject matter helps graduates understand varied issues, such as criminals who steal companies' digital information, why an employee might click on an unsafe attachment and the legal rights citizens have digitally, which are integral to effective cybersecurity.

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