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A college experience built around you, from day one.

At York College of Pennsylvania, we believe that a life of passion and purpose is built by learning and experiencing every day. Our approach to education is practical and experiential, focusing on real-world experiences that allow students to apply their learning beyond the classroom walls; and taught by faculty who bring firsthand experience and empowering support into the classroom.

 We pride ourselves on our long-standing commitment to making a quality education affordable and accessible. With state-of-the-art facilities, 70+ majors, abundant internship and high-impact learning opportunities, and an active, supportive community of peers, YCP students have all the tools they need to build successful and fulfilling careers from day one.

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From day one, students are excited at everything we have to offer, from the first day of classes, to the relationships and connections they’ll make that help prepare them for their dream career. Come visit us and see your education differently.


What kind of student are you? Choose an option below to start your journey with York!
  • First-Year Students

    Your Life’s Work Starts Here.

    Learning happens when you start to make your way in the world, and it happens quick. It starts when you have the chance each and every day to put your ideas into action. That’s when the life you imagine starts to get real. It’s about not waiting. It’s about doing. Here. Now. In every moment.

    York’s Spartan Application is free and test optional. For specific enrollment guidelines, please visit our first-year Admissions Guidelines page.

    To apply, you’ll be asked to create an account for your personal application portal. First-year students have the option of applying to York as either a Regular Decision or Early Decision Applicant. Regular Decision Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. The Early Decision Application deadline has been extended to December 1.

  • Transfer Students

    Transfer the Spartan Way.

    Transferring to York means having the chance to put your ideas into action. It means making the most of what you’ve already learned and achieved. It’s about not waiting for the life you want - Bring your why. We’ll show you how.

    To apply for admission, please submit the following:

    • An application for admission.
    • An official transcript of all academic work attempted, with a separate copy submitted from each college attended.
    • An official copy of your final high school transcript (optional).
    • If you have earned fewer than 15 semester hours of college credit you are also required to submit:
      • A high school transcript
      • Scores from either the SAT or ACT
        • SAT: 2991
        • ACT: 3762
  • Graduate Students

    Education Built for Impact.

    Career growth and a graduate-level education often go hand-in-hand — and at York College, we believe in making it simple for you to reach your professional goals.

Cutting-Edge Academic Programs

From day one, most of your classes are small and all of your teachers are passionate subject matter experts. What's more they are laser focused on your academic and personal success.
22-23 Admissions Staff
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Meet the York College Admissions Team

Come see which counselor lines up with your home area! You can find contact information (including a number to text a counselor!), and match a face to a name next time we're in your neck of the woods. Don't hesitate to reach out to us. After all, this is what we do.
Contact Us
Admissions Office
Miller Administration Building, 111
Phone: 717.849.1600
Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Meet our Admissions team

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