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Scholarship helps York College student in entrepreneurial ventures

Jester on farm

Gianfranco Celario Sedano ’21 isn’t the type to sit still. Known by their peers as “Jester,” the Argentina native points to their parents for fostering their entrepreneurial spirit. “They’re incredibly skillful at seeking out and jumping on opportunities,” Sedano says. “I watched them work really hard, and they wanted my siblings and I to have access to opportunities that would support that work ethic.”

Sedano spent several years as a child in the United States, but their parents permanently moved here about four years ago. After completing their high school diploma at Dallastown Area High School, Sedano was introduced by an admissions counselor to some unique opportunities at York College of Pennsylvania.

While Sedano knows how to play several instruments and performed with their siblings in Argentina, they were drawn to the Music Production and Entrepreneurship program so that they could explore the business opportunities that music might present.

It’s that interest in entrepreneurship that has driven most of Sedano’s college experience, and thanks to a scholarship, they feel more comfortable managing the ongoing operations of their company. “There’s a lot of trial and error that goes into pursuing your own dreams, and being your own boss,” they say. “Taking initiative, being independent, and wanting to create something that will help me pay for college once I graduate gives me the chance to be driven and focused when it comes to exploring the countless opportunities that YCP has to offer.”

A range of opportunities

There’s a long list of endeavors that Sedano is pursuing as a York College student. It started with merchandising. Professor Gerry Patnode helped him establish Jester Sedano LLC, where Sedano put their artwork on apparel and sold it online and at the Student Union at York College. In the past year, the business has evolved into other facets.

Jester Sedano LLC is now the parent company of Jester Sedano Productions (JSP). Under that entity, Sedano focuses on branding, marketing, and small-business consultancy, while one of their business partners, York College alum Tyler Grimes does videography. Sedano is also working on another business called Amuse.me, which they hope will serve as a social media tool for artists in the entertainment industry.

Through all of these projects, Sedano has gained valuable connections. They can list a variety of professors who have contributed to their business plans and guided them through intellectual and experiential growth.

Thanks to Executive in Residence of the Ben Franklin Technology PArtners, Joe Hackett, Sedano was able to find a business incubator space in the J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship (JDBC) and benefitted from the relationships they built in the facility.

In recent plans of expansion, JSP will be moving into their own office space at the JDBC in mid-October, where their contributors will be able to settle into an environment that provides students the feeling of professionalism, and self-growth.

“There are so many individuals here who I consider part of my network,” Sedano says. “They are truly valuable connections to have, and I can’t imagine where I’d be without them.”

A chance to give back

While Sedano’s scholarship, motivation, and passion provided them the opportunity to focus more on their business endeavors, it also offered them a chance to give back. It was during last year’s Spartan Service Day that Sedano was randomly assigned to go to York Fresh Food Farms, an urban farm that delivers quality produce to York residents.

Stepping onto the farm, Sedano was hooked with their mission and in getting their hands dirty. Under Jester Sedano Productions, they even helped facilitate a video that the farm could use to promote its work and help in its requests for investors and sponsors.

“So many ideas flow through the vastness of my mind” Sedano says. “I’ve been given some great opportunities to launch some of them. And I’m not done yet.”

Follow Sedano’s work by visiting their Instagram @jestersedanoproductions.