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Political Science grad credits York College professors for his early career success

Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor ’17 says his experience at York College “cemented the fact that I wanted to be in politics to help people.”

Jacob Taylor knew early on where he’d go to college. A native of Red Lion, Pa., and prospective Political Science major, he wanted the opportunity to stay local and attend a school that would provide him with networking opportunities for a career in government. Ultimately, that led him to York College of Pennsylvania. 

“I knew I wanted to help people and be a force for positive change in the community,” Jacob says. “The experience I got at YCP cemented the fact that I wanted to be in politics to help people in York County as much as I could.” 

Connections in York and beyond

The best part of attending York College, Jacob says, was the thought-provoking professors.

“A lot of the faculty had political experience in the past or could connect you with someone who is directly involved at the local, state or federal level,” he says.

These connections translate into opportunities for internships.

For example, Dr. John Altman, professor of Political Science and department chair, regularly sends internship information to students. One of those opportunities was with the state’s 4th Congressional District Internship Association to intern with U.S. Representative Scott Perry.

Jacob applied and got the position, which included six weeks on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

During that time, he researched for legislation, handled constituent questions and concerns, attended policy briefings and committee meetings — just about anything that a congressional campaign staffer did. The other portion of the internship took place in York County in the congressman’s district. Along with more communications with constituents, Jacob also coordinated various events. 

In the clubs

Through York College clubs, Jacob further increased his political experience and connections. With the York College Republican Club, he worked to help get local Republican candidates elected, which included voter registration drives on the college campus.

Jacob also spent time as a member of York College’s History and Political Science Club. One of the key activities for the club was to host two local debates: one for the 95th House District race and another for the York City mayoral race. The club prepared debate questions for the community’s most important issues, and Jacob even played the role of moderator for one of the debates. 

On the campaign trail

Jacob graduated from York College in December 2017 with a degree in Political Science and International Relations. He now works as a deputy campaign manager for House of Representatives candidate Mike Jones.

“A lot of it is event coordination, going door to door getting out the vote, making phone calls, social media usage, debate prep — anything you would imagine that is associated with the campaign.”

Beyond this role, Jacob looks to continue his career working in state government. He says that those who have similar aspirations would greatly benefit from an education at York College.

“Going to York College will connect you to a lot of great people throughout the political community. The professors really care about making sure you are getting all the experience in your field that you want,” he says. “They’re going to have the acumen and connections to make sure that happens and help as much as possible.”