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Sustainability and Environmental Studies

In this minor, you'll see how every environmental issue has a tangible link to a multitude of academic disciplines; e.g. the natural sciences, the social sciences, the humanities, business, and economics.

To deal with environmental issues effectively, individuals must be able to recognize and understand issues, obtain a historical perspective of the circumstances creating the issue, understand the dynamic cultural and environmental issues affecting different parts of the world, examine the value judgments at stake in any proposed solution, understand the workings of the policy process to achieve a solution, possess the savvy to develop economically sound, or technical solutions, have an awareness of the social ramifications of the solutions and an appreciation of the difficulty of communicating a selected policy, and have the ability and motivation to engage in the necessary behavior changes.

See more information about the Sustainability and Environmental Studies minor, including course requirements, in the course catalog.

Ecology class conducts field research in the Tyler Run Creek.

Program Requirements

Required Courses and Degree Requirements for Graduation
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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

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